Friday, September 10, 2010

LL/AEC Compendium of New Player Classes, Variant Rules, and other Fantasy Heartbreaker Garbage

Rules tinkering seems as common as an affliction amongst old school D&D game masters as was the clap amongst the ranks of Napoleon's grumblers. As a ref I have been no stranger myself to this curious urge. Recent exposure to such inspired re-workings as James Raggi's Lamentations of the Flame Princess WFRPG (a mouthful) and JB's B/X Companion has left me with a bad inflamed case of the itchies for sure.
Inappropriate metaphors aside, I have been slowly accumulating a small horde of house rules, player options, variant classes and other crunchy bits from the last two years of play in the Hill Cantons in two cities (and a few countries if you count in my co-conspirators Skype games from Dragonsfoot). In a fit of pro-taskination (slough-off work to avoid the work of finishing an article for a real-world publication) last week I compiled these various bits into a working document called the Hill Cantons Compendium.
Although a good chunk of the main section is likely only of interest to players in the campaign, the appendixes--most notably the three new variant classes for Labyrinth Lord and it's Advanced Edition book-- may be of greater interest to you the faceless hordes of the Internet. The current draft version of the Compendium is available for download here.

Editor's Note: I failed to mention in the text a special thank you to Norm from Troll and Flame for the basis of the Death and Dismemberment table (which I have made deadlier). Also look for the final version in the next few weeks which will include even more crunch: more classes, more magic item creation rules, more equipment yadda yadda.


  1. Nice work. I like the death and dismemberment rules, the Mountebank and Feral Dwarf on a quick skim. The combat options seem nice and workable, too.

  2. An enjoyable read, but I'm not looking forward to having to roll on the Death & Dismemberment table :)

  3. Ha well Senor Scribe we shall see on your next foray to the depths beneath the Hall of the Mountain King.