Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Border War Campaign Map

Forgot to post this with the call to arms for the border war this morning. The image below is the mini-campaign map showing an area just off to the north and east of the Hill Cantons proper. Each hex runs five miles across.

The burned out border colony of Trnova is shown on the west side of the map due east from the pass and watchfort leading back into the Overkingdom. Most of the map area resides in the Sea of Grass, a vast steppe of coarse gray-green leafed, purple-veined prairie grass stretching off to greater and greater stretches of the Weird to the east.

Bands of kozaks, smelly horse-lovin' and warlike nomads, maintain two trade camps in the area along an old caravan track. One sits at the feet of an ice-cold, deep-watered lake at the old rounded cone of a massive and presumably extinct volcano.  
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  1. You should post this on our blog as well

  2. What software do you use to make the hexmap, and is it easy to use?

  3. I can't speak to what Chris used, but my go-to easy to use hexmapping software (free to use!) is http://www.hexographer.com/