Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hill Cantons Compendium, Extended Dance Mix

Whine and ye shall receive.

After my last round of public wool gathering about how blog content seems to float away into the ether—and my general preference for dead plant matter media—Kenneth the Often Slain (in the Austin iteration of the Hill Cantons), did me a highly generous turn. Taking a number of non-Domain Game related posts he spliced the related content with the Hill Cantons Compendium, my previously-released compilation of quirky home-campaign variants, into one 30-page package.

Getting beyond the first page of HC setting fluff and house rules there is a truckload of other stuff that may be of value for other tinkering souls playing Classic D&D/Labyrinth Lord-style games including such things various and sundry as:
  • Five variant Classic D&D/LL-compatible classes: the Mountebank, Feral Dwarf, Lankmarian White Wizard, Half-Ogre, and Black “Halflings”.

  • A variant experience point system, character death, magical research and retainer/follower system.

  • Variant rules for Charisma, reputation, and simple attribute checks.

  • That previously much harped-on character background mini-game with quick random equipment charts.

  • Simple expanded options for killing and being killed.

  • New weapons and armor and some simple variant rules.

  • Zero-level character generation and play rules.
In keeping with my usual personal disdain for things commercial, you can find it for free here on Lulu.

(The at-cost print version is available here.)


  1. Glad you liked it, Mr. DM. I felt bad because there was more that I thought I could do with your files to get it looking like a professional product, but better to get it in the present then for it to slip off my radar altogether.

  2. I love a happy ending. Thanks to both of you. :-)

  3. @Austro Dave

    Make sure to never repeat that first sentence at a massage parlor in the States. Haha.

  4. Down here it's "with relief". I love the differences in innuendos between nations.

  5. Sweet. Compendia are a very cool approach to the problem of emphemera. It gives readers something substantial to work with and a gives the author a sense of what he or she has accomplished recently. Rock it.

  6. Very well done, Chris. The Compendium looks great!

  7. Very generous of you Chris. Many thanks.

  8. Many apologies if I've missed something obvious...I don't see the Death and Dismemberment table mentioned in the Character Death rules section. It says Appendix C; that's Magic Item Creation in the actual Appendices though...

    1. The revised table is here: