Thursday, July 4, 2013

Support RPG Micropublishing on the Cheap This Week

It's the Fourth of July, time to belabor some cliches and support the indy side of our hobby. While the Kickstarter boom/bubble/scourge (take your pick) grabs much of the spotlight there has also been a bit of an explosion from DIYers and micro-publishers

And what's more you can do it as a cheap ass this week with deep discounts at Lulu. The discount code of FIREWORKS will save you 25% (only today and tomorrow). And JULYBOOKS13 will get you 20% after that. 

But wait there's more. I will discount the print versions of By This Axe and the Hill Cantons Compendium by 10% for the rest of the week: 35% off (with the same amount going to charity). Find all that here.

While you are splurging, here's a list of some other fine rpg purveyors of the weird and wonderful:
Mike Davison, Ruins & Ronin
Patrick Wetmore, Anomalous Subsurface Environment 
Kyrinn Eis, Porphyry

Not on Lulu but damn worth supporting anywho:
Scott Moberly, AFS magazine 
Trey Causey, Weird Adventures