Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hydra Cooperative Brings (Mild and Curated) Anarchy to North Texas

Teetering on the edge of a new, start-now, well-paying political job (i.e. demanding AF) I get one last reprieve of gainful unemployment this weekend: North Texas RPG Con.

The sinister heads of the Hydra Cooperative will all be there for our annual face-to-face planning and bull session and of course there will be the usual marathon gaming, corridor discussions, buying sprees, and grogging out with the grumblers. I'm personally jazzed about getting in some games with Merle Rasmussen and his new iteration of Top Secret.

Expect tall tales to be spun.

A list of Hydra things going on:
The Table. As usual we will have a lit table. Also as usual the spot will be as much as an ongoing hangout spot as it is a place to pick up product (or more). We are a friendly crew (mostly) and enjoy seeing fellow malcontents from the internet and readers, so please stop by. Also we will have some new and con exclusive product out.

What Ho, Frog Demons. I will be running a playtest of this still-not-done beast Friday at 6pm. Due to a screw-up the con registration has me down for only four seats though I really am more than fine running double that. So if you want to play in the absurd, kitchen-sink that is the Hill Cantons drop by the Hydra table and I will give you an Electrum Ticket for the game.

Mortzengersturm. Trey Causey will be running his Ozian whimsical newly-released adventure Saturday at 1pm. The adventure has been played the shit out of and seems to bring the fun each time so make sure to check it out.

Paranoia. Humza K is going to be running Paranoia Friday at 1 pm. Humza has some published work with the game and runs a mean anarchic session.

Operation Unfathomable. Jason Sholtis will be running Sephilax Must Be Destroyed on Thursday at 6:00 pm set in the Odious Uplands, the wilderness stretch goal from the Op U. Totally prejudiced as an editor of that supplement, but it's a very typically weird and wonderful adventure area from Jason.