Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ursine Dunes Pointcrawl Map Download and Review Round-Up

One thing I have greatly appreciated from the Slumbering Ursine Dunes project has been the chance to grow as a writer. Nothing helps more than honest critical assessment and fortunately I've been receiving much to think about how to up my game from thoughtful participants in our milieu.

Brendan S for one in his thoughtful review raises some challenges about how to present adventures for better use in the heat, smoke and noise of the table. We've been talking a good deal about that at the Hydra meetings and we are trying to rise to that challenge. 

The first and easiest step is providing a full-size download of the cramped A5-size pointcrawl map (and this may have broader interest to folks who haven't bought the mini-sandbox). You can find a letter-sized PDF as a download right here.

We are also producing a "dungeon pamphlet" as a separate download that will organize the whole adventure into its gameable at-the-table elements. That piece will go out to backers for free. 

Also while we are at here are some of the other fine reviews of SUD:


  1. Brendan is one of the premier thinkers in osr design and I wonder if he gets his due.

  2. This sounds really interesting.

    Dumb does a 'point crawl' work?