Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic RPG Playtest Freebie

Happy Saturnalia or other non-specific holiday. I've finally broken the cycle of playing the Game that Shall Not Be Mentioned and feeling happily productive again seeing Misty Isles of the Eld in layout, writing What Ho, Frog Demons and in the final stretch of finishing a Space Habitat generation chapter for Trey Causey's upcoming Strange Stars OSR supplement.

In fact I've been productive enough to push out another iteration of Anarchy RPG (alternate title the less sophomoric Fucking Anarchy and Shit), a d100 BRP-like hack of Evan Elkins and I's unpublished Feudal Anarchy. Think a bloody scavanger game somewhere between Fallout, Mad Max, Kung Fu 2100 and spaghetti westerns. The heart of it is a souped up version of FA's lifepath like chargen.

I will be running some playtest, grow-the-rules bottom-up sessions online at Google Plus over the holidays and next couple months. Let me know if you want in. 

So anywho here's a free version of 0.2 with two alternate, utterly unofficial (though very nice) covers by Trey. Download it here and here

Anarchy 0.3 will add:
1. Miscellaneous starting artifacts and gear table.
2. Advanced Vocations for chargen.
3. A ton of new gear.
4. A ton of guns and other weapons. Naturally.
5. Car chase and combat rules.

6. Bestiary.