Monday, November 14, 2016

A New Overking, the End of Crowdfunding and All Things

[So-called real world news: The OSR Bundle of Holding, the super-sale that includes humble Misty Isles of the Eld among some of the best and brightest of our scene, ends in a day's time.  The Operation Unfathomable Kickstarter has ended with a whopping $21k end (if you missed and still want to back stay tuned to the page BackerKit will allow you do so).]

And now the News from the Hill Cantons...
It is over. The Lords Temporal have met and decided on our next Overking. In a shocking upset for both the favored Steeplejacker and Lisping Norker candidates, Uberduke Heimlic of Popradu and Under-Prince Yohann-Pavol Legitimus, Wildgraf Bodegast, youngest brother of the departed monarch and head of the Grimbibber will don the deo-fox robes and lich-garland crown of state. 

Assuming the name Radulf II, the new Overking has promised an aggressive rollout of the hitherto opaque and secretive program An End to All Things. Keeping to long tradition all of the losing candidates have been smothered with velvet pillows—with the notable exception of Koza the Regimental Goat who is said to have fled his stall in the Black Army barn last night.

Dead first in our dear new Overking's local appointments is the new Cantonal Viceroy, Ropucha Rigygtzenacht, former Surveyor-Lord of Canton Departments Both Hilly and Forested (and reputedly dead). The self-described “frog demon nationalist” has announced that the first 200 days in in office will include plans to deflate the supply of electrum pieces, “feed half the poor to the rest of the poor”, free sexual access of the upper nobility to the livestock of the commons (an obvious pandering to the defeated Steeplejackers) and the construction of a massive White Ziggurat just outside Marlinko. 


In Marlinko still literally up and arms about the War Bear March on Pohansko—and hotbed of “Kozer” activity—the cantonal Rada has met in emergency session to reportedly (and incredibly) consider “Marlexit,” a secession from the Overkingdom proper. Meanwhile several dungeons, both new and restocked, still remain free to loot, pillage and die ignominiously and forgotten in.


  1. Well, that elicited a bit of a grin, even if things in the real world are still just as grim. Thanks.

  2. Marlexit! :) Beautiful, just beautiful.