Thursday, December 8, 2022

Eldish AI Weighs in On What it Thinks Marlinko Looks Like

Friends, it's been a long while as I have been taking a long turn playing political player in the so-called real world instead of the shiner ludic one out here. The good news is that I am writing and planning on running the Hill Cantons again and just finished up some new material on further adventures in that most feverish of cities, Marlinko. It's been enjoyable bringing up the banners of the years gone by and you will possibly see some reflections right here on this blog that has been in a coma. 

The bad news is that Eldish AI has weighed in on some of my old pictures of a town I lived in Slovakia and produced some sadly accurate pictures of what the entirely real Marlinko looks like. It's all true. 

Lady Szara's neighbor

Townhouses near the Counting House

Sundome of the Sun Lord

One-Armed Jiri's

Penn Station


  1. Sweet Svat!

    One-armed Jiri's looks a lot homier than I would have expected from him.

  2. You say "bad news", I say good reference material for my Marlinko project! Excellent!

  3. If you're using AI-generated images for hill cantons it legit breaks my heart, man

    1. Even better, all the adventure content is now written by AI. Would you like to play in Hellfire Cold Tombs of the Orc Overlord this Sunday?

    2. There are a lot of legitimate ethical problems with using AI art. All the artists whose work Al scrapped to learn what it does were never consulted or compensated and are only new being grudgingly offered an opt-out for future AI development.

      Unlike, say, AI music generation where it was always an opt-in approach, because they knew the music industry would sue the fuck out of them.

      Sadly, artists lack such legal clout.

      AI can be a powerful brainstorming tool for artists -like word prompts for writers. But it’s currently about as sketchy as the crypto currency world.

      Luka Rejec has been doing a lot of illustration work lately based on what AI serves up to them, and that’s been interesting to watch. But it’s a very, ugh, I dunno - I’m not even sure how to articulate my discomfort with it beyond what I’ve already said.

      I do like how these images help bring to life some of my mental images of Marlinko though

    3. Of course, now the “Eldish AI” line is registering and I’m feeling a tad foolish :P