Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15-Minute (or Less) Full Character Generator

Got your fighter squashed under the heel of a troll and wanting to jump back in the saddle before the night ends? Need to slot in a new player at the table PDQ before your players get ornery? Want a character with a fun, minimal backstory, but feeling just too damn overworked/lazy/uninspired? Then friends, this is the random table generator for you. Get a PC or NPC up and running from stats to equipment to background lickety-split on the following downloadable charts.

All rolling chart steps are optional. System can be used for Castles & Crusades. Pre-second edition versions of D&D (and retro-clones) can also be used with minor modifications for class and equipment.

1. Roll on Chart A stat block chart. Use stats in order or re-arrange to suit.
2. Pick character class and race.
3. Pick prime attributes.
4. Roll hit points.
5. Roll on Chart B equipment charts.
6. Roll on Chart C character backstory.
7. Choose Alignment
8. Play!

Any and all feedback will be much appreciated.

(Backstory generator adapted from Paul Jaquays' "previous history system" in Dungeoneer #9. Thanks to Chgowiz for inspiration on stat block chart for quick sandbox insertion. Thanks to Microlite20 for quick pick pack idea.)


  1. Excellent! Thanks very much! And it's always so nice to see a fellow C&C-lovin' blogger!

  2. I've been reading, downloading, and generally lurking around all the offerings of the "old guard" vibrant online community for about a half-year now, so I'm glad to give a modest something back.

  3. Dead link. Any chance you can post those charts on a google drive and relink them? Thanks!

  4. Yes still dead. Any chance of resurrecting this?