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Quickie Starting Equipment Generator

The Starting Equipment Generator is an optional character generation step to help C&C and AD&D first edition players and game masters quickly crank out the equipment for low to mid-level player and non-player characters. These charts have been revised and updated to supplement the ones I released previously in the 15-Minute Character Generator.

Note that these tables are geared toward levels roughly from first to fifth. For levels past this, I recommend that you pick up Mike Stewart's excellent Traveller-esque system for generating high-level C&C characters in Crusader #8.

First-level characters roll once on each of the the following charts without modifiers. Characters starting from 2-5 level add one to all rolls for each level they start past the first. For each two levels after their first, they additionally get a roll on the weapons or adventuring gear chart. Example: Mogo the Mighty, a fifth-level fighter gets a +4 on each of his equipment chart rolls. He rolls a "4" on the melee weapon chart, adds his +4 to get a masterwork weapon of his choice. He also now gets to extra rolls for being four levels of above first He opts to roll an additional time on the melee weapon chart and an additional time on the adventuring gear chart. 

Optional modifiers or free rolls can be based on results from the previous background charts at the GM's discretion. Example: Bruno the Battler rolls that he was “conscripted into the army” and “displayed heroism on the battlefield”. Based on Bruno's glorious martial exploits, the GM decides to allow him to either add +1 roll to his roll on the armor chart or roll an additional time on a weapon chart.

Chart 1: Armor (Roll d8) 

Cleric, Ranger +1 to roll

Fighter +2

Knight, Paladin +3

Rogue, Assassin, Druid only class-appropriate armor

Magic User, Illusionist, Monk no roll

1 Padded/leather coat **

2-3 Leather armor **

4 Ring mail *

5 Hide *

6 Studded/laminar leather *

7 Scale mail/Cuirboille

8 Mail shirt

9 Chainmail hauberk

10 Full chain suit/splint mail

11 Breastplate

12 Plate mail

13 Full plate

14+ Magical armor (GM picks)

* 1 extra roll on weapon or shield chart

** 2 extra rolls on weapon or shield chart

Chart 2: Shield (Roll 1d6)

1 None

2-3 Buckler or Small Shield

4-5 Medium Shield

6 Large Shield

Chart 3A: Melee Weapon (Roll 1d6)

Clerics, Magic Users, Illusionists, and Rogues hand weapon only

1-2 Hand weapon (dagger, hand axe, short sword, light mace, morningstar, staff, club)

3-4 Sword (long, broad, falchion, rapier, scimitar), battle axe, heavy mace

5 Spears, polearms, pike, lance,

6 Two-handed weapon (two-handed axe, two-handed sword, bastard sword, great scimitar)

7 Expert-made weapon, +1 damage (player picks)

8 Masterwork weapon, +1 to hit and damage (player picks)

9+ Magic weapon (GM picks)

Chart 3B: Missile Weapon (Roll 1d6 if character gets extra roll)

Magic Users, Clerics, Rogues, Druids only-class appropriate weapons

1 Sling/Darts

2 Thrown (Hand axe, spear, javelin)

3 Light Crossbow

4 Short Bow

5 Heavy Crossbow

6 Long Bow

7 Expert-made weapon, +1 damage (player picks)

8 Masterwork weapon, +1 to hit and damage (player picks)

9+ Magic weapon (GM picks)

(one free batch of ammo assumed)

Chart 4: Adventuring Gear (Roll 1d6)

All packs come with backpack, pouch, bedroll, water skin, tinderbox, and one week of iron rations

1-2 Pack A (10 oil flasks, lantern, shovel, two caltrops, whistle)

3-4 Pack B (10 torches, four oil flasks, 10 pieces of chalk/charcoal, blank scroll, mirror, crowbar)

5-6 Pack C (five torches, five oil flasks, 50 ft. rope, grappling hook, wooden pole)

7+ Any from above, Magical misc. item (GM picks)

Chart 5: Mount (Roll 1d6)

+3 if Knight, Horse nomad-type barbarian

-2 if Monk

1-2 None

3 Mule

4 Pony

5-6 Light riding horse

7 Heavy horse

8 Light warhorse

9 Heavy warhorse

10+ Any from above, special mount or vehicle (GM choice)

(saddles and other riding gear assumed)

Chart 6: Class-based equipment

Fighter, Ranger: extra weapon roll, 10 gp starting

Knight, Paladin: 30 gp starting

Cleric, Druid: holy symbol, 10 gp

Bard: musical instrument, 5 gp

Thief: Thieves tools, 5 gp

Wizard, Illusionist, spellbook, 5 gp

Barbarian, Monk, 2 gp

Chart 7: Starting cash (Roll d6),
Monk, Barbarian -1

1 10 gold pieces

2-3 20 gp

4 40 gp

5 60 gp

6 80 gp

7 150 gp

8 250 gp

9 500 gp

10 1,000 gp

11 1,500 gp

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