Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hill Cantons, the South by Southwest Front

Having received the critical mass point of "what is up with your blog and campaign" type email, I've finally reached the point of tearing myself away from the so-called real world to resume posting. Short answer on the "que donde" question is, ladies and gents, that the Hill Cantons have pulled up stakes--and rules systems--from their Austin-based environs.

Due to a unique work-situation that I won't bore you with the details of, I started spending a good deal more time down the road in San Antonio last summer. Not one to miss a fresh gaming opportunity (yes, this is how far I have fallen down in the cool-o-meter rankings), I prompted launched a new campaign much along the same old sandbox-focused lines using Labryinth Lord's Advanced Edition Companion, a 1st edition D&D retro-clone. And since I'm also not one to ignore recycling opportunities, the campaign extended the Austin-based Hill Cantons campaign by setting the SA players down about 70-80 miles south of the current playing area. (How's that for some real-world sychronicity?)

If you happen to be in the San Antonio area and are looking for a game--or just dropping in and want a fun pick-up game give me a holler. And for my handful of blog followers expect a number of posts to be coming in the next two weeks on various and sundry topics such as: analysis of what worked and what didn't in my attempt to build a West Marches-ish campaign; new LL player classes I am toying with (Lankhmarian White Wizards, Mountebanks, Berserkers, etc); musings on PC deaths; play-test reviews of the new LL supplement Advanced Edition Companion; and the next scheduled Texas Old School Mixer...whew busy, busy.

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