Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're On...Texas Old School D&D Mixer July 11

Looks like we've hit a pretty good critical mass of interest for our old school mixer idea. So with no further ado, I'd like to formally throw down a "save the date" for folks interested.

The mixer itself is set July 11, 6pm-9pm at Scholz's Garten, a famous watering (and eating) hole for politicos, newshounds, students, and other motley Austin elements. Look for us at a big table in the middle room.

We're also organizing some one-shot or drop in games early that afternoon at Dragon's Lair, so you can actually get some gaming in if you come out.

If you want to come please email me at kutalik at gmail dot com and I will send you the formal invitation and other details.


  1. I run a weekly D&D Rules Cyclopedia game at the Dragons Lair. This meeting I must attend.

  2. Nice! I am moving to Austin (mainly for the food) at the end of the year, hopefully this becomes a regular thing.

  3. Damn! I was out of town when this went down. (Running a three-session game in MN with my old group from college 20 years past.)

    Any other old-school gatherings in Austin in the near future?

    Jimm Johnson

  4. did the mixer go down? Your blogfans want to know!

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