Monday, March 5, 2012

More News from the Hills

A fine report on the third anniversary face-to-face session of the can be found here. A hearty thank you to all the players both past and present. May you never face a roll on the Death and Dismemberment chart (unless you have it coming).

And now the news...

Wild rumors are circulating in Marlankh that agents of Frantisek the Striped Mage have found four pieces of the fabled rod of the Wind Dukes of Aqa'a only to sell them back to a mysterious inter-dimensional being called the “Great Rientz”. Incredibly the pieces are to be re-scattered among several different alternate realities

The centaurs of the Slumbering Ursine Dunes are in a righteous froth about the murdering of one of their toll-collectors. Raids have been made into human settlements as far as the farm belt south of Marlankh. Reputedly the hirsute Master of the dunes has sent away for skilled carpenters in the borderlands to cross over into the Weird at premium triple-pay, an offer to be extended to any men-at-arms willing to escort the craftsman to his tower. It's unclear if there is a relationship between the two developments.

The Rada (council) of the Marlinko Canton has heeded the Overking's recent call to arms against the Brazonians by raising the Marlankh Reavers back to active duty. A number of tough and seasoned officers have been pulled into service including a renowned, local Colonel. It's unclear if the heavily-armed band of border ruffians is to serve as a unit of badly-armored medium horse or as an armed-to-the-gills unit of light.

Authorities are investigated the foul murder of Drogo, the much beloved half-ogre manservant of Hurloj Kladivo, master of the Guild of Accipitraries, Ankle Beaters, and Drovers. A 150 sun bounty has been posted for return of the culprits to the Guild.

Several of the 43 known children of the old smith Jaromil have brought their families out to settle back around the patriarch's fortified stead near the dunes. The extended family has petitioned the Overking for a charter for the new settlement tentatively called Kugelburg after the old man's dear departed friend (may the Sun Lord illuminate his spirit-self).  


  1. Interesting doings! The name of that new town...(Kugelburg) "Bullet Fortress?"

    1. Maybe in another reality, in the HC it means "Town of Kugel the Posthumously Venerated PC."

  2. What has the Cantons come to, when centaur toll-collectors are murdered brutally while plying their trade? Dark times, indeed.

    And alas, poor Drogo, a more faithful manservant one could not ask for. I knew him well.