Friday, March 23, 2012

Playtesting Mass Combat Rules and Contest Extensions

Two announcements and housekeeping bits today.

First of all, I just finished the playtest version of the abstract mass combat rules for the Complete Book of Fantasy War. Yay me. If you are interested in playtesting them in your old school D&D or fantasy/medieval wargaming campaign, drop me a line at kutalik at gmail dot com.

Note that if you do want a copy that:
1. I am looking for real feedback and/or playtesting. If you really can't or don't want to do either of those things, please wait for the (likely free) finished version coming down the pike in the next couple weeks. Nothing personal, but I get the sounds of silence from 70-80% of respondents when I do a general release of freebies and that doesn't really help me deliver a tighter finished product.

2. It is assumes some basic knowledge of the (simplish) units stats in By This Axe I Rule. If you have a playtest version .4 or later you should be good. I will send you a copy of this again if you also extend me the courtesy of abiding with the above condition for that too.

Secondly, about the two contests I announced the other day the entries have been pretty slack for an HC contest. I am going to extend the deadline for both contests till Sunday at 17:00 CST. If you have an entry send me an email as above or leave it in the comments here. 


  1. We're still on 'By This Axe I Rule,' so it'll be a while before we can switch-over to the new rules-set...unless you'd prefer we upgraded. Things are busy. We'll try to get an entry out to you if we can; got a road-trip scheduled...

  2. Shame, I ran a battle using the Legend mass combat rules a couple of weeks back - worked OK, but we could have tested these out. Send them to me anyway - I might have a situation coming up soom in another campaign hwere they could come in handy.

  3. I won't be asking. My group is stuck on GURPS

    Also I owe you apologies for my lack of feedback about "By this Axe" for the same reason. I hope to give it a try soon enough, my group is interested in Old School we are just backlogged ...