Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Two-fer Contest

It's been ages, darling reader, since the last dumb HC contest. Today in the interest of catch-up I present a “two-fer”, two contests with two distinct prizes:

Best M.A.R. Barker Homage. Design a single creature, culture, spell, region, or what-have-you as a tribute to our departed titan. The sky is the limit, but bonus points for making them jive mechanically with Empire of the Petal Throne.

Winner receives a very nice, crisp copy of Barker's first published novel, Man of Gold that I rescued six months back from a used bookstore. (Anyone slain in the course of this contest waives their right to shamtla.)
Radegast says "bring it."
Best Travel Tip for the Hill Cantons. Write a travel tip for the HC. It can be anything: something based on a brush with some brutish or strange; a place encountered in the Weird; a city/region back home in the Corelands; etc. Half-truths welcome.

Players in any of three iterations of the Hill Cantons (Austin, San Anto, and G+) will have obviously an edge here, but feel free to try and plop something that hasn't actually occurred in play (weight obviously going to something that “feels right” tone wise.)

Winner shall receive a copy of Jack Vance's Showboat World (a personal, picaresque fave from the man).

Both contests end Thursday 19:00 CST (I believe that's -6 GMT to you foreign barbarians). Before entering I would love dearly to secure your permission to reprint any entries in the Rough Guide to the Hill Cantons, a free (and non-commercial) compilation of setting who-ha from the campaign.

Contest entries can be left here in the comments or emailed to me directly at kutalik at the gmail dot com. 


  1. Not and entry; but, speaking of Vance...

    Here's the adventure intro to tomorrow night's in-the-flesh RPG session. Its a Dying Earth setting using the Avalon Hill boardgame Magic Realm's rules hacked up for tabletop RPG.