Saturday, November 23, 2013

STARSLUGS and the Sharing of Traveller Worlds

While most Cantonment citizens, rightly, find their new sectoral neighbors in the greater Traveller galaxy to be under-subtle, spindly-legged, and too easy in their toleration of the jackboot to be fully trusted, political realities after leaving the confines of the pocket universe maintain that we must at least keep up appearances of genial diplomatic relations.

The newly-elected Septentrional Party of Apricity and Numismatical Frugality (Blue-Green), while promising to exude the studied non-nonchalance of the previous administration, has bowed to popular pressure and signed the STARSLUGS Conventions to regulate the management of the bug-eyed hordes as they travel the Space Cantons (and our own beloved comrade-citizens travel the Terran Directorate and other soon-to-be tolerated bodies).

A series of “blog posts” will help guide new Travellers to the subtle magnificence of our fair polity is forthcoming.

Close enough.
Simple Translation Agreement Rules Simulating Lastingly Unified Galactic Sectors
In order for freetraders in the Space Cantonment, Directorate Space, and other willing sectors, to prosper and thrive, the referees of those campaigns have set out the following articles in order to ease movement between them.

Article 1
Characters may move between Directorate Space and the Space Cantonment freely provided they meet the standards required in other articles.

Article 2
Characters are bound by the rules of the version of Traveller being used in the game they are currently playing.  This includes things such as the rules for combat (both personal and ship-based), weapon damage, the functions of certain technological items, etc.

Article 3
There is one exception to the rule presented in Article 2: skills.  Characters use whatever skill they possess that is closest to the one in the system currently being run.  This means that characters from the Cantonment (and possibly other CT games) possess broader skill categories than those the Directorate.  Skill acquisition is also based on the characters native system, and not on the system currently being run.  Skill rolls function as other items described in Article 2.

Article 4
Characters may bring their own personal effects with them, but not those held in common with other members of their party/crew.  This includes any ships the characters rolled on the benefits table, assuming the ship is being used by other party members.

Article 5
Psions, astropsychics, and aliens must submit their characters to the referee at least 48 hours in advance so that the referee has the time to read over any relevant sections of their rules/come up with how certain foreign abilities work in their area of space-time.

Representing the Cantonment: Chris Kutalik
Representing the Terran Directorate: Evan Elkins