Monday, February 3, 2014

Six Years Before the Campaign Mast

Today marks the six-year anniversary of the Hill Cantons campaign proper. The campaign started as a West-Marchish type of affair in Austin with a house-ruled Castles and Crusades powering a more or less biweekly game of old, old friends and their children.

The blog followed on its heels a month with the intention of modestly being a clearinghouse place where I put the house rules, after-action reports and other campaign material and obviously took on a life of its own as a place for me to rediscover the hobby and then go batshit crazy with DIYing and rumination.

Thanks to a few decades of obsessing over the Harper's Index and CRPG game stat run-downs, I am inordinately fascinated with quirky-ass, quantitative breakdowns over time, so here's a ballpark stab (again) at some of the numbers associated with the campaign in its years. Most numbers are likely lowball guesses and reflect the insanely chaotic amount of paper and virtual detritus accumulated.

Number of Sessions: 166
Number of Sessions on Google Plus: 108
Number of Players: 53
Number of Player Characters: 76

Graph Paper Site Maps (almost all dungeons or Undercity): 152
Handrawn Maps: 68
Pointcrawl Maps: 22
Hexographer Maps: 9
Filled Spiral Notebooks of encounters, treasures, events and random flavor notes: 5

Hireling deaths: 72
Rolls on the Death and Dismemberment table: 35
PC Deaths: 15
PCs Raised from the Dead: 2
PC Reincarnated: 1
NPCs Reincarnated: 1

Godlings killed: 3
Gods rescued: 1
Otherworld Gates Entered: 9

Pieces of the Rod of Seven Part found (and then rehidden): 3
Biggest Haul of Gold (cursed): 350,000
Biggest Haul of Gold (not cursed): 20,000

Highest PC level: 7
Highest named NPC level: 14
Named NPCs higher than the party: 12

Highest HD of Critter Killed: 18


  1. Congratulations. I've always enjoyed playing in the Hill Cantons and its obvious the other players' have too. I don't think it's hyperbole to say it's as close as we've got to a yardstick by which other G+ campaigns can be judged.

  2. Congrats on the milestone!

    Two questions:

    1. Is this the sixth or the fifth anniversary of the HC? I ask because we celebrated the third anniversary two years ago.

    2. When's the face-to-face group gonna play again? :)