Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid For Free, Yo

At the end of last week I dumped a major project monkey off my back, by finishing the draft version of my mini-sandbox, the Slumbering Ursine Dunes. It's clocking in around 26 dense letter-sized pages that feature a wilderness pointcrawl, two dungeons, a Chaos Event generator, and a metric crap ton of new monsters, spells and items.

Expect to see a modest little Kickstarter next month to pay for fancy pants art, maps, editing and other costs (only going to do this when I have a near-publishable draft in my sweaty little hands.)

Punchline is I am feeling great, so here's something free for y'all, the infamous Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid. The two sessions playing through it were hella fun (at least on my end) even if the finished product felt more bad-bad and good-good then the intended good-bad, so this is the sound of my shoulders shrugging. You get what you paid for it.

If you do run it (what's wrong with you?), drop me a line, feedback is the best reward. And if you really want to be a mensch and make your mother proud, you can make a $2 suggested donation over here at Autism Speaks

But if you don't...well...I guess that's cool. It's not like it's chump change compared to what you spend on Steam or that pricey crappacino or whatever. (And why don't you call? We never see you anymore.)


  1. Hey Chris, Thanks for sharing the homebrew module from your youth.

    I remember you suggested that I reconstruct my old dungeon recalled from youth. I actually started doing that, but it will take some time to remember it all and write it up again. Perhaps someday son you can partake of the horrors, intentional and egregious error-wise.