Friday, July 11, 2014

"Fast Packs" for Boot Hill

I am a little behind in prepping for the Boot Hill Cantons mini-campaign I was going on about a few days back, but here's something of potentially wider use for folks running Boot Hill and other western campaigns. Texas-sized thanks to those beautiful broken minds on this Google Plus thread that helped me crowdsource the baroquely over-done table at the bottom. 

Starting Gear
All starting characters come with cheap but functional range clothes, bed roll, canteen, poor-quality horse and $5 to their name. Roll on the following charts for the rest of your gear.

Distinctive Piece of Finery
Pick or Roll d20 Once
1 Buckskin Jacket
2 No Name Poncho
3 Ten-Gallon Hat
4 Civil War kepi
5 Threadbare Butternut Confederate Artillery Jacket
6 Union Cavalry Uniform pants and suspenders
7 Furry Bear Coat
8 Top Hat
9 Sombrero, Campesino
10 Sombrero, Mariachi band-style
11 Bolo Tie
12 White Mexican Federale uniform, patched
13 Derby, arrow-stuck
14 Cowboy Hat, bullet ridden
15 Duster, bloody cuffed
16 Beaver Coat, full length
17 Spanish Boots, Spanish Leather
18 Fancy Mexican Riding Boots, silver spurred
19 Chaps, sequined
20 Calico Dress

Hogpieces and Other Primary Killin' Implements
Roll d10 Once
1 Repeating Rifle, 9-shot
2 Double-Barrel Shotgun
3 Fast Draw Revolver, 5-shot
4 Fast Draw Revolver, 6-shot
5 Single Action Revolver, 5-shot
6 Single Action Revolver, 6-shot
7 Buffalo Rifle
8 Civil-War Repeating Rifle
9 Repeating Carbine, 6-shot
10 Three Sticks of Dynamite, short fuse

More Killin' Dee-vices
Roll d10 or Pick Twice
1 Comanche Lance
2 Big Ass Bowie Knife
3 Throwing Knife (x2)
4 Tomahawk
5 Single-Shot Derringer (x2)
6 Two-Shot Derringer
7 Old, but Well-Oiled Cap & Ball Revolver
8 Long-Barrel Revolver
9 Calvary Sabre
10 Rusted Scatter Gun, 10% chance of it exploding when fired.

Random Crap
Roll d100 Twice
01 Dead US Marshal's Badge
02 Silver-Plated Single Action Revolver
03 Tombstone
04 Three coils of 60-foot rope
05 Small herd of goats (five)
06 Stubborn Old Mule named after an Old Sweetheart
07 Braying donkey named King's Kent
08 Silent mute “trail wife” but loyal
09 Hillbilly Musket (treat as Army Rifle)
10 A velvet-lined coffin
11 Silver whiskey flask with monogram
12 30 Silver Dollars
13 Keg of Gunpowder marked XXX
14 Ten pounds of Deer Jerky
15 Three jugs of corn liquor
16 Holy Bible with cut out derringer space
17 Gold snuff case
18 Two pounds of chewing tobacco and spitoon
19 Bottle of Scotch, peaty
20 Amputation hacksaw
21 Prison manacles and chain
22 A set of spurs pitted and rusted
23 Rattlesnake, live
24 Guitar or banjo
25 Lonesome-sounding harmonica
26 Grave-diggin' shovel
27 Pocket watch on chain, Dad's
28 The prospector's will
29 Bearer bonds (50% confederate)
30 William Blake poetry, slim volume
31 tobacco, wacky, 2 "twists"
32 Small pouch of gold dust
33 6 silver bullets
34 Assorted ladies hosiery
35 Deck of cards, marked
36 Deck of cards, unmarked
37 Piano tuning equipment (fork, hammer, mutes)
38 Old cracker tin containing several peyote buttons
39 Wooden leg, pilfered
40 Dime store novels, random assortment
41 music box
42 String of Chinese coins
43 One-horned ox
44 Dentistry kit
45 Undertaker's tools
46 Bible, natty
47 Miniature Vest Bible, steel-backed
48 Three sasquatch teeth
49 Scalps, notable figures
50 Scalps, comrades
51 Diploma, college
52 Dead or Alive Wanted poster, you
53 Dead or Alive poster, twin brother
54 Bullwhip, lovingly maintained
55 Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment, Made From Genuine Rattlesnakes
56 Pabst's Okay Special (22% alcohol, take 2 teaspoons 3x daily)
57 Dr. Wengert's Hepatica Pills
58 Dromgooles Bitters
59 The Mormon Elders' Damiana Wafers, for Strengthening the Brain, Nerves, and Sexual Organs
60 Crane's Laxative Mint Chewing Gum
61 Kickapoo Indian Sagwa Renovator
62 Jayne's Vermifuge
63 Saddlebags with secret compartments
64 Ridiculously ornate shotgun, small bore, once used by a Portuguese Duke to shoot partridges.
65 Worn but still razor-sharp skinning knife.
66 2 pound bag of coffee beans
67 Coffee hand mill
68 Autograph book
69 Ten Confederate gold pieces
70 Gold pocket watch
71 Vial of nitroglycerine with dropper
72 French's ladies' underwear, made in Chicago. Red satin & black lace
73 Cargo manifest and letters taken off a Civil War smuggler/blockade runner
74 Domino mask or red handkerchief, conceals identity perfectly
75 Crystal skull, stolen
76 Head in a box wrapped in brown paper and string
77 Last letter from a famous gunslinger
78 Hound dog, scrawny but tenacious
79 Child named William
80 Branding irons in small shapes that can be used to 'correct' brands on cattle
81 20" cast iron skillet with lid
82 Harness and tack for plough-mule
83 Three iron blades for ploughs
84 Rusty sickle
85 Five axe-heads in various sizes, just add handles
86 Sixty-two pounds of nails in an oily sack
87 Apache medicine bag
88 Three sacks of oats
89 20-pound Bag of flour
90 Plunger Detonator, 26 notches cut in box
91 Belt buckle big enough to hide a derringer behind it
92 Basket of paper roses.
93 Letter promising a job in Machine, Montana. It's a month old.
94 Knife with an elk horn handle.
95 String of Five Wild Horses, Unbroken
96-00 Upgrade Your Horse (stackable)


  1. Very cool stuff, keep us abreast of this game my friend. Cheers for this.

  2. Automated here, under "Character Features":
    Hope it's cool I did that. I've been wanting to test out how Logan's "Choose Your Own Generator" works. Turns out, it works great!
    You can right- or control- click on the generator title on that page to bookmark it, or just click and drag to your bookmark bar, although it won't save specific results (the bookmark will generate anew each time.)

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  3. Very cool - especially the last one, which seems ripe with adventure hooks.

  4. Good day Chris!

    I would like to translate these fast packs, and put it into a fan made supplement of a game. Obviously with referencing this page and stating that you are the author.

    The main reason would be the translation... I tried to come up with reasonable alternatives, to keep the spirit of the list, but there are some items which are simply too good to pass up.

    Would you allow this?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. I love the idea of finding your character unexpectedly saddled with a child named William or a carefully wrapped head in a box. There just has to be a good back-story there.