Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pirate Utopias, Pacification and Promotion

And Now the News...
Traders are bringing back news from the Persimmon Sea that the bizarre gender-eschewing corsair-sect that captured and sacked the isolated Himyari isle of Old Szalé last year has officially declared itself to be the so-called Maraboutic Republic of Szalé-Byeff. The self-styled “pirate utopia” has opened its doors to heretics, escaped slaves, and “greys” (mixed caste rejects from black/white divided Himyar) that swear to its Triple Code: 1. thou shalt not talk in the coarse dialect of otherworld cliches; 2. thou shalt not hold to any gender or its social constructs;and 3. do as thou wilt as long as what thou wilt isn't the other two things and another vague and ill-defined that even pirates would find abhorrent.

The Overking himself is said to be “almost alarmed and concerned” by the disappearance of His Surveyor-Lord of Canton Departments Both Hilly and Forested, Ropucha Ragygtzenacht, in the second week of his official tour of the borderlands. A large detachment of lancers and war wagons from the Black Army has been sent into Marlinko in a “pacification” mission against local peasants whose base ways are surely to blame for the besmirching of the Royal Name.

Despite the official ruckus, the Hill Cantons and Marlinko city itself seem to be on the economic rebound following the otherwordly reappearance of most of its major trade partner, Kezmarok. Marlinko Rada has approved the publication of a new promotional gazetteer to coincide with its new, somewhat opaque tourist slogan “come dream ye dreams that die unheard in dear old Marlinka.”

[Yes that means this thing is done and this thing is now on sale.]


  1. I'm swapping out the Bright Desert for the Slumbering Ursine Dunes in my Greyhawk campaign because the Bright Desert as it's presented? Yawn.

    1. I remember it had a few intriguing vague mysteries like dervishes that chase outsiders off but yeah. You could put Slumbering Ursine Dunes right on one of those fingers jutting out into Wooly Bay no problem. I'd keep the dervishes.

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    3. People that trip balls as religious duty must be kept.

      Oh and Medved...damn you, now I'm rehearsing lines for him...

      "A wizard, hm? Did you train in an academy? You did? Was it an all-boys school? You must have experimented greatly then!"

      Oh yeah, where can I find stats on the Rusalka?

    4. That's pitch perfect. I literally laughed out loud.

      There are stats in the Rusalka encounter in the Dunes pointcrawl but not a bestiary entry. Maybe I will throw one up on the blog in the next few days.

      I'm intrigued by the Greyhawk Dunes, drop me a line if you do use it.