Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hill Cantons Compendium II Released

After half an eternity (in internet gaming circles time) the Hill Cantons Compendium has been revised and extended. You can Pay Whatever the Hell You Want for the PDF right here on DriveThru.

Gone thanks to Mike Davison's able layout hand is the clumsy (I would like to think charmingly amateur, but who am I fooling) layout and unused house rule sections. Expanded (almost doubled) are the number of dumb/brilliant player classes and I even threw several pages of special snowflake information about the Hill Cantons proper.

What you will find inside:
  • Nine variant old school fantasy (and Labyrinth Lord)-compatible player classes: the Mountebank, Chaos Monk, Robo-Dwarf, Feral Dwarf, White Wizard, Half-Ogre, Black “Halflings”, Pantless Barbarian and, of course, the War Bear.
  • Character background mini-game/alternative generator with quick random equipment charts.
  • Zero-level character generation and play rules.
  • Variant rules for simple attribute checks.


  1. Good stuff. I kinda love the chaos monks.

    1. A chaos monk/muscle wizard party would be most entertaining....

  2. Howdy.
    Just started a D&D game with some relative newbies. They were intimidated by the player's guide and all the "options". Your random tables for character creation made them much less worried - and created some awesome characters!

    They loved it, and spent their time talking about what those events meant for their characters - we ended up with some really great characters that none of us had even imagined at the start.

    It is a GREAT system.