Monday, June 6, 2016

Misty Isles Out in Print and North Texas RPG Con

[Translation into common: Misty Isles of the Eld is now available in print and I had a blast running it—among much socializing and gaming—with peeps on Friday morning at North Texas RPG Con.]

Preliminary Report to Eld Overmind, Filing Operative: Agent Xoxx, HUMINT Section 112769
Plans to prevent today's release of Misty Isles of the Eld, the incendiary expose of our foothold in the so-called Hill Cantons, have had a sub-optimal effect. Of concern to Marlinko, Erelhei-Cinlu and Dallas based operatives is the 1.5-day full sellout of pre-release copies by subversive elements in the self-styled Hydra Cooperative.

On the positive side of the Great Ledger, Psychonaut torture-aesthetes in the North Texas RPG cadre made great advances with the odnic-psychic implantation process on the captive party of Misty Isles intruders--Son of Ondrj (wereshark), Pan Vorstr (and his devious man-servant, Jevo), "Other" Pavol (and his talking dog, Kahrul), Glamdalf, Termnix ver 3.3 (robodwarf), Lil Medved (warbear), Zereth and Boinger. Indeed by the end of the session the subjects were clearly convinced that they were Earth humans named Jason Sholtis, Zach H, Billy Longino, Brad Ncube, Jason Hobbs, two Jameses and Chris Holmes, son of the Holmes that allowed us access to this dimension.

Though inartful, staged photos below (and especially that of the purported session by “Jason” on G+ yesterday), will help further in providing deep cover for the op in coming months. Further reports to be filed in the coming days. 

High level crawling in the Jakallan underworld with Victor Raymond. Personal high point was putting a ru'un (an exceedingly high hit dice, potent bot like construct of the Ancients) "around the corner" (shoved into a pocket plane). 
Playtesting Merle Rasmussen's new espionage game "Codename Acrid Herald."
We got a chance to co-create the ancient ruins in the op. 
Fixing to play Zulu Apocalypse with Zeb Cook (my commanding officer on the British side), Steve Winter (co-umpire), Bruce Heard (the other junior British officer) and Doug Niles (Zulu commander).
Humza, Kevin Hendryx (co-umpire) 
My platoon (24th Foot) in serious danger. 
Blood bath. My men are about to rout.

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  1. You know, I read that as "out of print" but clicked anyway to see what I'd missed!