Monday, February 18, 2019

Details on the Revoca Hill Cantons Book

I wanted to give readers of this here blog a better sense of the Revoca book ahead, the fifth Hill Cantons book and the first non-SUD installment. If you want to support the creation of this book please consider supporting my broke writers ass at the Hill Cantons Patreon here.

The Revoca Book Elevator Pitch
The Revoca Canton book will lean in much harder to the Mythic Wilderness theme readers saw in Slumbering Ursine Dunes (in this case the old growth woods of beech of the Stuzika with its cycles dominated by the forest czar Leshi giants and the town and dungeon bordering and in synch with its reaches) again with deeper elements of the acid Slavic inspired but still peculiar Hill Cantons cosmology playing a much heavier role. It comes straight off of a campaign phase I ran in 2015-2016 with a mix of old and new players playing new low level PCs.

The wonderful Revoca Canton players map done by the talented Gus L
What You Can Expect in It:
  • A return to the classic sandbox triptych of some of the best early D&D adventures like Keep on the Borderlands: small settlement, wilderness, tentpole dungeon (with some outlier smaller dungeons). In other words a small geographic mini-campaign that can be slotted in a forested mountain remote area of other campaigns and is capable of supporting either a short or long period of play sessions.
  • A heavier dark Slavic fairy tale vibe. Drawing on much more of the supernatural creatures and folk magic of Western and Southern Slavic traditions. Currently the draft has 15 creatures taken straight from these stories (expect that to be expanded).
  • A Twin Peaks/Local Hero/Northern Exposure local eccentrics in a remote small-town vibe (surrounded by a slightly menacing forest and wilderness with layers of mystery). There will be an NPC-driven (but not overly complicated and hard to run) dynamic sandbox.
  • A long rumors and hooks section that will be presented in two optional ways:
  • the traditional random table for those DMs who want to just jump right in.
  • As an opening scenario—an annual “truce” party at the local noble lady's house in which the creatures of the mythic wilds rub shoulders with the local human notables—in which the party one-stop shop learns all the players.
  • A pointcrawl of the Stuz, the mythic wilderness that has sandbox dynamics to keep it changing and feeling alive. The seasonal conditions of the forest change with whatever Leshi has control of the czar's crown at that moment and so do the relative fortunes of the weird denizens (and yes there is a Chaos Index related).
  • A tentpole dungeon, the Great Aviary of Komius Otmar. The main adventure site sits on the opposite side of the wilderness from town. The upperworks sit under a vast glass dome and have a huge array of mythic bird like creatures (taken from a wide variety of world traditions or invented whole cloth by me). It also has some sublevels of extreme danger and reward. The underworks play with a lot of vertical connections and non-linear space with lots of entrances and exits to various places.
  • A hidden payoff mini-wilderness area, Beyond the Mural, that lies...well behind a magic mural in the underworks. This is a whole square few miles of a lush orchid/lily field and rainforest pocket dimension with its own mysteries, sites, and creatures.


  1. cant wait, this was great playing in it. hope everyone has alot of salted bread

  2. I am holding in my hand money I am ready to throw at you.

  3. Cant wait...
    Already have a guaranteed purchaser here!

  4. So, we getting a Reverse Centaur race-class?

  5. I cannot wait! I am a-squee with anticipation, given that I am about to start running a game drawing heavily from all of the Hill Cantons books. Yassssss!

  6. Sounds awesome! I want to run a full game in the Hill Cantons at some point and this will be perfect for it.

  7. This sounds great! I just picked up Misty Isles of the Eld and What Ho, Frog Demons!, but it looks like I've got more to look forwards to.

  8. "in which the party one-stop shop learns all the players." - I like this concept of an 'Open sandbox', where the party does not as much explore the unknown as they explore the 'mythically known'.

    I've only really seen in the dragonlance boxed set Tales of the Lance (blogged about it here):

    But I think a more open cards sandbox has a lot of potential.

  9. Dude, looks so excellent. First Hill Cantons purchase since Misty Isles it shall be...

  10. is hanzel & gretel originally Slavic?

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