Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Your Open World Green Card

In a step forward to help making classic shared-world tabletop play a reality again (if on a single campaign stage), Michael Curtis posted a list of "immigration policies"  for those visiting his Kinan-M’Nath campaign. His guidelines seem really rock solid on handling drop-in players, so I will be likely adopting the same or similar for my own open table campaign.

In related news, I will be putting my own money where my mouth is for opening up my own campaign world this coming Sunday. Two players from a Seattle-area old school group in D&D (my old friend Redbeard and his special lady friend) and possibly a third new player from parts closer will be dropping into the Hill Cantons for some rough and tumble dungeoneering.

So here's to the experiment. Who knows, maybe a loose national network of old school D&D campaigns with open world play is somewhere around the corner...


  1. Now that's a cool idea. If I could only settle on one setting.

  2. Excellent! I was a little leery of how the OSR's massively house-ruled variations would work for this. My sense is that when it was all OD&D/AD&D games, compatibility was less of a problem. But Mr. Curtis' regulations look pretty workable.

  3. Inara, a 5th level gnome illusionist and Derringer Rollingrock, a 4/4 thief/cleric of Dumathoin (praise his shiny nuggets), step into the swirling portal beneath Castle Zagyg.

    Where do they end up?

  4. ...in the chill, quiet, death-choked halls that lay below the Tower of Bones of Luumash (beyond the Wyrd in Canton Ostrovo).

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