Friday, December 3, 2010

You Know You Are Reading too Much M.A.R. Barker When...

...walking through your closest local park (this would be Hemisfair Park in San Antonio) and everything suddenly reminds you of Tekumel. Is that smell of musty cinnamon coming from the convention center? see earth-shattering synchronicity in finding out that one of the blogs you admire published this very day a year ago snippets of one the documents you'd most like to see, the pre-TSR Empire of the Petal Throne rules, make it to print.

Maybe my next read after Lords of Tsamra shouldn't be The Book of Ebon Bindings after all?


  1. Why didn't I read "this very day a year ago" before I headed over and posted. Hey, ho.. eyes need testing as well as less "multi-tasking". :/

    Thanks for the link, Chris (fingers crossed that /was/ cleared or OK as "fair use" since IP issues are very sensitive) and photo context.
    I guess depictions from Central America ain't that different from Egypt. Beware the pyramid scam in that context. :p

  2. I too went running to see the post on EPT. The small part that's there is very much like the damage rules as published in EPT (which I thought were needlessly complicated.).

  3. The original introduction is perhaps the most interesting part, especially the last sentence or two.