Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jeffery Jones Has Passed

With sadness I noticed on The Warlock's Homebrew that we lost another of the great old swords and sorcery cover artists. Jeffrey Catherine Jones (not to be confused with Jeffrey Jones, the actor and convicted sex offender of Ferris Bueller fame) passed away from “complications from emphysema” early today.

Jones was probably best known in our circles for her work on the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser covers for the old Ace paperbacks (that I posted about here, if tangentially), but she also did a great deal of jaw-droppingly wonderful—if increasingly moody--fantasy-inspired work over her career.

As a tribute here are just a few of my favorites.  


  1. Well that sucks. I always assumed Jones was a guy, but what do I know? Anyways - I am a fan of the art also , and also discovered thru the Leiber books, especially the one with the boat and the sail and the trident weilder. I think that caused me to look up the artist once upon a time. I posted a pulp fantasy art thread (that didn't go too far) awhile back on DF and featured some Jones work also R.I.P

  2. "I always assumed Jones was a guy, but what do I know?"

    Not that it matters too much, but she actually was a guy up until the late 1990s, so you shouldn't feel too bad about not having known. Another sad loss to us all, in any case.

  3. Oh, rats. That really sucks. She was probably one of my favorite artists of that era. Grrr.