Tuesday, May 3, 2011

South Texas Mini-Con?

I've noticed a modest little uptick in the last two months of readers in my immediate geographic area, which got me thinking again (well that and wind of the Southern Cal mini-con) about regional gaming events. Two years in a row we've managed to pull off afterglow events for old school gamers at Scholz BierGarten's in Austin following on the heels of the North Texas RPG Con. 

Now I'm thinking perhaps its time to share the love in the city where I currently hang my hat.

So here we go with the water testing. Any interest from folks out there in attending a one-day mini-con focusing on classic style gaming in San Antonio in mid to late July or early August? I'm thinking depending on turn out we would run at two-four games over the space of a day with a registration price of...well...free.

I myself am contemplating rolling out a good old-fashioned Braunstein (for the unwashed info here and here) set in the semi-ruined digs of the grand old byzantine city of Kozmarok to the south of the Hill Cantons. Perhaps we could swing some old school starship action out of our local doyen and a session or two of OD&D out of our Austin and Houston brethren?

What's not to love about this idea?

(Also while we are on local posts, y'all should duly check out the knitting blog of the Hill Cantons' resident amazon princess Barbarella here.)


  1. I was just talking to the Wampus, we are down for the drive down I-35, just tell us the time and place. We'll even bring the beer this time.

  2. Well that's two, eight more and we have a minyan.

  3. I had to look up the word "doyen" first, but count me in. I've been wanting to run a good-old-fashioned game of Starfleet Wars.

    P.S. I have an in-depth look at the game coming soon on my blog.

  4. I would totally make the 3-hour drive to S.A. for that. I bet at least two of my daughters would tag along, if the atmosphere were going to be family-friendly.

  5. @Elrics
    That's great. I would think we'd want to make it fairly family friendly--at least for the loose standards of my own.

    That'd be great, Cameron, it'd be great to bring out the Austin crowd.

  6. I'd certainly try to make it if possible.

  7. Thanks for the plug!

    Babs (Barbarella)