Monday, October 3, 2011

More Slavic Folk Art of the Weird

What's that low, tinny sound you hear? It's the sound of me phoning in today's post (at least today's negotiations with mentioned Russian artists makes this one relevant).

Six more paintings of prime fodder for the fantastical imagination from Ivanov shared below. Note the weirder, more Glorathan and increasingly sci-fantasy turns here.

If you have need of some homework for this week, here's an informal challenge (you can thank Red and the esteemed Reverend Rosey for this): roll d6. 

On a roll of 1-3 consult my last post on this subject, 4-6 today's. Roll a d6 again, count down from the top in order. 

Now use that image to construct a short write-up of whatever the hell you think is going on in that drawing. The write-up can be as little as a sentence in the comments below—or a short adventure, setting description, or what. The pure, crystal-clean Hyperborean northern sky's the limit.

Anyone who plays is a “winner”. And special, very special.  


  1. All pretty darn neat. I like four the best. Two reminds me of the holidays and I also dig the first one.

    Hope all is well on your end.


  2. I have the Hyperborean fleet receiving their orders, which I suppose are "get the heck out of here", Get the old noggin going. Your description of the neo-pagan background to these images reminded me of this game -

  3. I have the temple cleansing ritual from today. Or maybe it's a tryst.

  4. Wow. And ... wow. Thanks for sharing this!