Thursday, December 22, 2011

Contest Reminder and More Art Inspiration

I just printed out and (re)read all the entries from Tuesday's Point of Light contest. I have been wont to say in past contests how blown away I am by the imaginative richness of my fellow madhouse inmates, a sentiment underscored with a big hefty thick black marker this time around.

My head has been positively swimming with schemes of how I could synthesize all the entries into one crazy quilt of a setting. In other words your generousity has given me a lot of pleasant holiday rumination time.

A quick reminder that the contest officially ends tomorrow at noon Central U.S. (I believe that is -6 GMT for the rest of you). Feel free to leave new entries in the comments here or on the last post.

Also there will be prizes for the winners (even if there is a tie): a range of pulp fantasy books (A. Merrit, REH, Moorcock, and others) and a number of gaming products that I think will be of suitable interest to readers of this blog. I haven't exactly picked the ones I am going to offer, but winners will get a choice from the pool.

To keep up the "last human bastion on top of the world" mood, some more art inspiration courtesy of yet another of my favorite dead Russian painters Nicholas Roerich. (If you have some other aesthetic inspirations you'd think fit with this, share away.)


  1. Nobody makes man feel small like John Martin!

    wiki -

    The Great Day Of His Wrath -

    Diogenes -,000-15,000.jpg

    The Deluge -

    Pandemonium -

    etc etc. He's done a TON of art, and they all depict mankind as insignifcant in the face of eternal wrath, or nature, or... well, everything, I guess. Well worth the time to check out.

  2. Crap! For some reason, I thought I had until Saturday afternoon.

  3. @PSH
    Great call. I remember seeing some of his work in the National Gallery last time I was in DC, couldn't remember his name.