Monday, December 16, 2013

A Large, Exuberant Thank You to Those Who Bought the Axe

This morning I sent out our annual end-of-the-year check to Autism Speaks—with a nice extra tail-end bump of over $500.

As readers might remember (or not) 100 percent of the after-production proceeds of my fantasy battle rules By This Axe were earmarked for donation. Quite honestly, I was expecting to sell on the high-end around 100 copies which would net a little under $200.

To date, however, By This Axe has sold 276 copies: 234 PDF and 42 print copies. Punchline is that means I added a very nice $505.08 from BTA sales to our contribution, way more than I expected. Who knew that the shedding of buckets of blood of lead men could do such good?

Anywho a very sincere and hearty thank you from me to all of you for your support. And a special thanks to Jack Shear who gave BTA a nice big blogside bump early in its arc.

Sales continue to trickle in and I will fold up whatever is coming in around May and send it in as a contribution.

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