Friday, December 6, 2013

Aliens of the Space Cantons: Dogoids

Deep Evan's quite marvelous series of posts (and formats) for his Boom Worlds Traveller campaign (in which I play the dashing young froguloid pilot, Sir Toad, mmm hmm) have inspired me to take a turn at some of my own for the Cantonment. 
Early uplifts were said to be less successful.
Appearance and Biology
As uplifts Dogoids (also known as “Canus Lupus Sublimis” or inaccurately and derogatively as “Vargrrr”) exhibit the wide speciation of their domesticated ancestors.

Ranging from 1.2-1.5 astroyards in height,they run spacehound slim to bulloid-dog heavy-set in build. Dogoid top paws have been genetically adapted to have opposing thumbs and longer more flexible digits, though wider and more weight-bearing the back paws are closer in appearance to their ancestors. Tails have grown shorter over the centuries and indeed some of the modern breeds have only the smallest of stubs. Coats range naturally in traditional colors though many Dogoids in sophisticated urbanite worlds have taken to elaborate primary and pastel color dyes.

Though their origin-story is murky and often confused with the rambling jokes of the elderly, it is said that Dogoids were first uplifted in the biovats of the now-lost world of Laika IV.

Sentience came slowly to the race--though quicker than your bigoted grand-uncle would allow for--and dogoids were held first as “pets” then as working slaves (famously used in exploration missions by the Blackstars). Following Extirpation Dogoids worked their way through various forms of semi-bondage from timesharing to multi-level marketing until finally arriving at their currently elevated status as second-class citizens. Casting one-seventh of a vote in the Cantonment-wide Overrada elections, Dogoids are surely appreciative of their new-found freedoms from their beneficent former masters.

Dogoid consciousness is dominated (no pun intended) by deep internal conflicts. The many thousands of years of intertwined human-canine evolutionary history has left a complicated dance of emotions for Dogoids in their interactions with hairless apes. Indeed it said that even the most diehard of Dogoid nationalists feels a great sense of ennui and existential angst when separated too long from the presence of humans--and that even the most subservient of “Uncle Spots” feels a certain nagging resentment when the choice dinner portions lie on the human table.

Amongst themselves the hunt for dominance and status is an eternal mixture of esteem and anxiety. When first being integrated into a “pack” (an amorphous name extending to any kind of Dogoid-majority institution from academic departments to revolutionary groups), a Dogoid will invariably ceremonially duel those it considers its immediate superior or inferior, Dogoids of equal or close rank within 1-3 Pack Status (see below). The victor of such fights will gain +1 to their PS if they vanquish an opponent of a higher rank or PS two over their current. Following such a display pack members will mostly get along without complaint.

Dogoids prefer as a matter of course the vainglorious status seeking of Representative Democracy.

Dogoids as Player Characters
-1 STR, +1 DEX, 1d6 SOC, 2d6 for a new stat called “Pack Status” used only among other Dogoids. Dogoids may serve in any branch but that of the blue-blooded Navy, they get a +1 bonus in attempts to join the Scouts due to their long relationship with that branch.

In loving memory of Nazrut who died much as he lived in murderhobo glory. May Roofdrak keep him in his furry embrace.


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