Saturday, September 27, 2014

Win a Wargame Contest

Two days back (skip the quote block if you just want to jump down to the contest) on Google Plus I wrote about almost (almost) dumping my wargame collection.

One rather prominent blogger suggested instead of selling these objects of love/hate to random strangers that I run a contest for the Slumbering Ursine Dunes and give them away to some of you the talented horde. Which really is a great idea.

Here are the particulars:
I will give away one game of your choice to the first and second place winners (maybe even third place if y'all wow me) of the following contest that will end next Thursday October 2. (Shipping is free in the US and maybe free to other parts if it doesn't bankrupt me.) ALSO winners may be featured in the actual published Dunes pointcrawl (with your credit and permission naturally).

The challenge is this simply; design a small adventure site, a point on the pointcrawl in the Slumbering Ursine Dunes. For comparison this is what one point in the manuscript looks like (it's fine if it is longer but not by much).

Bearling Holy Site. A vast amphitheater is carved here into a flattened 150-yard patch of tan sandstone. At its back sits a small deep-red marble shrine. A three-foot ruby-eyed porphyry statue of Medved or King Bear standing in roaring bear form (worth 6000 gp) can be seen inside. A well-traveled, broad trail leads to the west and a narrower, bush-choked trail runs off to the northwest.
The shrine is attended to at all times by a color guard of 14 soldier-bears [AC 4 breastplates and morions, Hp: 18, HD:2+2, Attk: 1 (weapon), polearm 1d10+1] with bardiche polearms, gilded morions and gleaming breastplates. Theft of the statue angers Medved sorely (see the Glittering Tower) forcing him to use his godling powers of Divination (AEC p. 34) to determine the culprit.

Bonus points if your point includes:
1. A vaguely Slavic/Eastern European theme or flavoring (no Baba Yaga I already have a Grandma Gaya in the world). 

2. A mini-dungeon or other explorable site. No more than really 5-6 rooms really.

3. New monsters, items or spells whatever.

4. Super extra bonus points for hooking the point contextually into something existing in the Dunes draft currently. 

Got it? Submissions can be sent to my email: kutalik at the gmail dot the com. 


  1. I have an idea for an entry! Do I get any bonus points for being your special lady friend?