Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Erol Otus DDG Pantheon

A few months back I posted on Google Plus about another chuckle-worthy find from my days as a tween DM. Among the coverless Dragon issues and ripped up modules that single time-misted, roach-infested box found in my mom's garage (the one with the partial key for Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid) has several cryptic loose leaf sheets.

This is perhaps one of the oddest and it took me six months to figure out what the hell I was thinking 35 years ago: that I tried to develop a pantheon out of Erol Otus's Deities and Demigods cover. I loved the shit out that cover (still do) with all its evocative weirdness and the simple fact that other than those ghostly pseudo-Egyptian it was totally independent from the contents of the book. It was a free-floating piece of Otus fever dream.

So anyway in its unedited glory, this is what I got...
Part 1: The Kutalikean Cover Pantheon
Halgorr, Major, Glory/Light/Scourging (sic), Lammasu, M/F clerics, Gold, Sunrise, Temple Hall. 600 hp.

Sinthimaxx, Major, Serpents/Deviousnes (sic), Vipers, M clerics, Secret Hall. 550 hp.

Vortok, Minor, Corruption/Chaos (Evil) , slime priests, lose (?) caverns. 300 hp, AC -10

Hatshepsut (LN), Minor

Shebaka (TN), Minor

Settnaknteh. (CN), Minor

Part 2: The Other Gods
So anywho scanning over Otus's equally wonderful title page illustration with its own made up gods, goddesses and divine critters, I just realized 12-year-old Chris missed a golden opportunity. I mean look how wonderfully this rounds out the weird fantastical cohort of deities on that cover?

Woe gets the best of it here with that Sarku-like lichy dead god and ichor-blasting tentacle fell god. Bonus points though for Weal's laser-ray pigeon god, Quetzalcoatl-ish, and Thundarr.

So who are these deities? What's their portfolio? 


  1. Nekrotus, Lord of Death and Dooms vs. Valarkon, Winged Avenger of Law
    Yazu, the Ooze Worm of the Underworld vs. Glimmerwing, Rainbow-feathered bird of Heaven
    Heldraak, Demon Dragon of Destruction vs. Luma, War-Maiden of Light
    Malgard, Hell Halberd-wielding, Champion of Evil vs. Radion, Paladin of Good
    Baalnaga, Hellwyrm Helpmate of Malraug vs. Gryphax, Feathered Serpent Steed of Radion!

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    2. That sounds about right. But now I am wondering whether Glimmerwing and Yazu are sold separately or are bundled in with Valarkon and Necrotus, respectively.

    3. I think you can get them both ways.

  2. a Yrexil General vs. Hermaphrodites, God of the Middle Air & Tumultuous Sexuality
    The Worm That Turns vs. The Bird of Great Value
    Ancalagon, the Living Lord of Poison vs. The King of Elfland's Daughter
    Agni the Ring-Stealer vs. Red Ralf Stomphouse
    Echidna, Mother of Monsters vs. the Sky Serpent

  3. I once saw the original Erol Otus painting at Gen Con many years ago. Looks even better in person.

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  5. Yup,I did the same thing too. I wrote up E.O.'s gods in response because it irked me their wasn't any mention of them in the book and a big mistake on TSR's part as far as I'm concerned. After they yanked the cthulhu mythos from Deities, they should of added a whole new chapter with those gods.