Monday, September 20, 2010

LotFP Weird Fantasy Skype Game, Anyone?

I've been poring over my new copy of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess WF game (the free rules can be downloaded here) and finding it to be an interesting, quirky, horror-inflected take on OD&D or B/X-like rules.

I have already stolen a number of nifty ideas for house rules in my own Labyrinth Lord tabletop and Skype campaigns. Still I'm interested in seeing how the whole package rolls when played straight.

Anyone else out there interested in playing a Skype game using this rule set?

The nitty gritty:
1. The game will start as a mini-campaign i.e. with a short shelf life of say 3-6 sessions. (If it really rocks maybe we'll extend this.)
2. Play will center around the exploration of a limited sandbox campaign area with Vance, Lovecraftian and dark fantasy mish-mash overtones. (Umm...sound familiar, Hill Cantons players?)
3. Sessions will be at least twice a month, most likely every other week.
4. Play will start around 6-8 pm Central U.S. time on weekdays (more flexible on a weekend).
5. We will use Skype for audio; Dragonsfoot chatrooms for the dice roller, and Dabbleboard for maps. All somewhat luddite-friendly to use.


  1. that sounds groovy to me I have the boxed set too and it begs to be played.

  2. @Dave glad to have a local boy. Looks like we are already up to 3 players (in three countries!)

  3. yea i met you at the Austin mini-con. I am excited to get in some online gaming. Do yall have a time for the game?

  4. We have maybe 4 players on the hook. Looking most likely to be this weekend or next.