Saturday, April 9, 2011

And Now the News

The Domain Game playtest is moving again, if slowly. The rift in the barrier between the planes that separates Nowhere from Elsewhere apparently fluctuates from time to time. The two weeks to one month turns have become something like five weeks to to one month, maybe it will shrink again as spring gives way to summer.

News from Nowhere:
Sourcebook Writing. Lots on the plate, but progress is being made. This month I will be turning my attention to finishing the sections on hex content generation (this not includes expanding the usual D&D fare, but a more detailed approach to topography and resources), a Pendragon-like system for handling longer-time scale gaming, domain-level ritual magic (thanks, Tim), the fantasy supplement for my mini rules (the first playtest being the battle on the golden barge pictured to below), settlement growth rules, the extended equipment list, and more.

Expect to see more related output on the blog, if all goes well.

Extension of Phase One. Given the delay in finishing the last turn, I extended the choice to the Phase One players to continue this part of the playtest until June or to go with the Phase Two plan of bending the rift to fast-forward a few years. The vote was unanimously in favor of the extension, so for now our brave little expeditions on the edge of the universe soldier on, fewer but stronger.

If you are one of the several players who queued up nice and polite like to play in what was supposed to be Phase Two by now, drop me an email at kutalik at gmail dot com, we may have a role for you yet in one of the existing expeditions (or of course in Phase Two).

New Tin God Revealed. The Gods of Nowhere--with the exception of the mercurial attention whore of a god that lives in the hills--prize shrouding themselves in the cloak of mystery and anonymity, but a new master of the game has revealed himself. Ragnorakk of Tran Eskoor an Doon blog has had some experience running a similar-minded domain-level play-by-post and has graciously agreed to help out as a co-GM. Once he makes his way through the small mountain of documents this game has already generated (hey, we have fertile imaginations we do

Glorious Shen Expeditions Regal Tekumel with Their Annals. Shen-blog make for good reading for curious monkey-allies here.

Prince Khuvu of Thuja watches his shieldwall ready itself for the short, sharp, shock of combat on the foredeck of the mist-shrouded golden barge. 


  1. You playtested your miniatures rules and I wasn't invited? :-( Granted, it's not spaceship rules, but I could make an exception for you.

    Next time, let me know! I can also help with proofreading when you're ready.

  2. Yeah, whatever happened to the meeting we were supposed to have...I was looking forward to that.

  3. @desert scribe
    The Battle on the Barge took up an hour on an insomnia night. We have another biggie shaping for next turn and you are roundly invited to play the proxy role for the poor sucke...err player.

    I am going to try and pull one together this Wednesday or Thursday.

  4. ckutalik there's an old topic on DF that you might find useful when fleshing out your rules on resources and population densities -

    Its chock full of interesting data and comments.

  5. Shen-bloggy-thing now fixered-uppity nice-like. It amazing what a sword-axe in the right place can do...

  6. @DH
    Thanks for the thread link, it's one I missed and it's definitely interesting. One thing I think the boards especially DF and OD&D have done better than the blogs is in facilitating these kinds of deeper discussions. Love this stuff.