Friday, September 16, 2011

When Blogging Art Mirrors Google+ Life

This is too damn funny not to drop a link too. (And it saves me from having to finish my own post on intra-party violence, so a two-fer really for a lazy Friday.)

Boogie over here to read Zak's account of the player-brother on player-brother violence —and ensuing Google+ back-and-forth—that I mentioned in yesterday's account of the finale of the Tuesday Night group's somewhat pyrrhic victory in the Jakallan underworld.

One passing thing I have noticed over the past week is that my open question about whether Google+ could be a serious contender with blogs and forums is by and large proving to be true in my book—at least for certain kinds of quick lateral communications. 

Certain kinds of direct discussion questions can generate comments quicker and thicker than I have seen in other venues, though depth still lags a bit behind those other outlets (but not always).

It will be interesting to see if the trend holds up over the long haul.  

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