Sunday, September 4, 2011

Return of the King (of Dragon Pass)

Readers may remember several months ago when I was waxing obsessive about the upcoming release of a smartphone app of the Glorantha-based computer domain-level game, King of Dragon Pass (an obsession that ran deep enough to seek out and interview the game's designer David Dunham).

Well that long-awaited day is now upon us, the app will be available for your downloading pleasure at the Apple iOS store this coming Thursday, September 8. The new release is promising not only some streamlining and updating but a host of new quests, treasures, artifacts, and other goodies.

Needless to say I look forward to eliminating all downtime sitting in grocery lines and long traffic lights by uniting the ornery Orlathni tribes under my bronze grip--if only virtually.  


  1. Now if they'd just release it for Windows, I could actually play it again (my copy was stolen in the Big Stolening). I miss that game. That I still have the instruction book just taunts me.

    Failing that, I plan to get an Android phone soon-ish, so an Android version would also be awesome.

  2. That would be Thursday, 8 September.

  3. Fat-fingered that, thanks David for the correction.