Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot off the Vanity Press

The Hill Cantons Compendium print version, complete with slick-as-a-politician full-color Bilibin front and back (pictured above) cover, is up and ready for those who prefer dead plant matter copies. Find it here

I basically priced the booklet just above production cost and Lulu's blood money—and even slapped on a 10 percent discount that will last until the red moon rises late Friday night. You can get an even deeper discount, 15 percent off, on any Lulu products if you use the following code: AWESOME305. Any extra funds left over will be donated to the Pulp Fantasy Society. 

One useful thing I learned is that if you put something up for sale on Lulu, you currently get a free “proof copy” for your own use (minus shipping). In other words, even if you don't care a fig about selling or publishing, you can get a free color-cover slick copy of any home campaign or other material you want just by slapping it up there—lots of DIY possibility there for the milking.

Shilling and tip-off finished, now a few niceties and back to finishing the day's real post.

As a shared world the Hill Cantons is as much about the players as it is the GM. As such they deserve a shout out and thank you—not of course in that “I want to thank all the little people” kind of way—but out of real gratitude for contributing, debunking, and playing through the lunacy found in the booklet and at my dining room table over the past two and a half years.

Thanks to the San Antonio crew for their determined exploration of the mysteries of the HC: Desert “The Professor” Scribe, Monica “Frontline Umma” Brad Skullcrusher “The Indeterminate One nee Cugel”, the Special Knitter Friend “Barbarella”, and Dave “Whatever the Hell the Druid's Name is.”

Thanks also to my friends in Siggy's Tomb Raiders: Scott “The Ringleader”, Brent “The OG Montebank”, Dan “the Scaled One Down Under”, and Bill “the Elf-hant Man”.


  1. I am so happy for you, Cake. Great job and a good post at that. Go you. Rah.

  2. I am so happy for you, Cake. Great job and a good post at that. Go you. Rah.

  3. Added to my LuLu cart for this week's purchases and I cannot wait! Thank you for making this.

  4. Snazzy. I look forward to checking it out.

  5. I see two comments posted. At first, it told me the first one was not available.

  6. I've had a good time exploring the Hill Cantons, and hopefully contributing in my own little way.

  7. Just received my print copy, very nice. I'm sure it'll see a lot of use :)

  8. Looks good! Mazel Tov!

    Babs (Barbarella)