Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yet Another Asinine Adventure Contest

It's probably no surprise to long-time readers that I am inordinately fond of contests, challenges, and blood sports in general. Sneer with your comic-opera oily mustache at “crowd-sourcing” all you want, but you can't cover up the fact that real energy and creativity can be generated in the process. Curses, the masses, in fact, are not asses.

So here's to another round, this one not surprisingly springing from my tongue-in-cheek efforts yesterday to produce a cliché-driven module name generator.

Goal: Design an adventure for an older edition D&D or mash-up equivalent using said name generator.

Rules: You must use the first result from your roll on the chart—alternately contestants can use this scurrilous rip-off chart. May the Furies hound with their blood-curdling screeches and barbed whips those who roll again or fudge the results to fit their preconceived notions of creative agenda.

The one-page dungeon design template can be used (found here courtesy of our friend who rode away into the sunset on his hawg) , but is not required. Adventures can be of any length, though brevity is close to godliness.

Bonus Points: Clever inversion, subversion, and/or glorification of favored D&D trope or cliché.

Deadline: Saturday, September 24, high noon Central U.S. Time.

First Prize Award: $10 credit on Lulu.

Entries should be emailed to me at kutalik at the gmail dot com.

The much feared Mountain of the Demon Dog.


  1. Cool then, other Chris.

    I am going to "enter" my own Mountain of the Demon Dog--as a non-contender, naturally.

  2. You villain, couldn't wait until October and the other asinine contest was done? bah, I guess I'll have to drink coffee. challenge accepted.

  3. @Beedo
    Think of it as a "two-fer" you can do and then post it as an entry in the other.

    Also I can hook you up with some low-grade amphetamine if necessary (a joke, oh omnipresent authority figures).

  4. Not sure if I'll have the time, but for the record, my first-ever roll on the chart is "Against the Mad Princess".

  5. Ouch, deadline of my birthday? I should have read that bit! :D I'll have a go. My title is "In Search of the Fane of the Forgotten Mage"

  6. "Against the Hawk Giant"

    Hmm. This is too good to pass up :)

  7. @Talysman
    Perhaps the Silver Princess's loonball sister?

    I can think of no better way to celebrate your birthday then obliging me in my folly.

    That has me thinking of an enormous Egyptian-like critter for some reason. Potential gold.

  8. 8/3/5/12/2
    Tomb of the Forgotten Toad-People.
    Not too shabby...

  9. Forgotten Toad-People - that rocks.

  10. Poor neglected toad people, always over-shadowed by their frog-people cousins.

  11. Toad people is an easy winner on title so far. Hawk Giant is going to have to work hard here.

  12. I got Tower of the Colour of Your Choice God. I am going to resist the temptation to go for puce, taupe or beige and go for Grey.

  13. @Rosey
    No way, you got Horus on your side: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horus


  14. Okay, here's our contribution to the unspeakable randomness: The Tomb of the Forgotten Toad-People From the Planet of the Nameless Grimoire, based on mashing-up results from both of the Random Tables...

  15. "Undercity of the Ice Wombat"

    You sonofabitch.

  16. @ Jeremy - I'd have taken that. O Fates.

  17. @Porky - Don't get me wrong-- I'm running with this thing all the way.

  18. "In Search of the Fane of the Forgotten Mage" has been sent in. Any resemblance to any persons or tropes is entirely intentional.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. @ Jeremy - I guessed you would, and I know it'll be well worth reading. I'm in too, though I did waver for a bit. It'll be in the mail very soon.

  21. @Porky -- unfortunately, I won't be able to make the deadline for this one. I've had a lot less free time than usual this week, coupled with increased hours at a job where I can't really sit down and write or access a computer except on a lunch break.

    It's a shame, because I'm kinda proud of the Ice Wombat Cultists I came up with.