Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Campaign Flotsam and Jetsom

I have been busy collecting all the miscellanea of our eponymous campaign recently into the compiled Rough Guide of the HC. I thought I'd share a few more items of possible interest to players and readers.

Unique Spells
Kazimir's Resplendent Couture
Level: 1
Duration: hour/level
Range: touch

The renowned popinjay and mage of Ostrovo, Kazimir the Hair-Handed, was never at a loss for being on the edge of foppish fashion no matter what the occasion or time. Local gossips whispered of eldrith magicks and unholy compacts. They were correct for once.

Touching a piece of otherwise dull apparel, the mage will create raiments of daring refinement instantly outdazzlingly any other garment in the room in it's audacity. For the length of the spell it will be the new black and the clothing will add 1d6 Charisma (max 18) to the bearer if among civilized folk. Any ruining of the garment, a stain or tear, will negate the enchantment.

Crappy Players Maps
The original Austin campaign map 2009.

Recent map drawn for the Nefarious Nine (the G+ core players) by a mad beggar.

The Guild of Condotierre, Linkboys,Roustabouts and Stevedores
Joining the Guild 
What the Guild expects:
1. The guild sets all prices and wages for related activity. No member shall work for less or more than what the local lodge sets as the prevailing wage.

2. The guild shall not abide a rival nor a scab. Members will work to “their utmost” to co-opt, silence or exterminate with extreme prejudice any unlicensed hirelings or organizations operating in the guild's sphere.

3. While the guild's business is that of danger, no member shall be placed in harm's way in a “frivolous” or “callous” manner. Contractors who are found in violation of this rule will be subject to a progressive discipline system beginning with a temporary boycott and ending with defenestration.

4. Members give their “due respect” to more-senior members.

5. All guild members shall field equipment appropriate to their “station” when under contract.

What the Guild provides:
1. Members shall be allowed to train with masters at the guild hall. If said training was to be quantified in an abstract evaluative system each sun in pursuit of this activity shall award one and half points of “experience”.

2. Apprentice and Jack member must provide a 3 sun discount to senior members on contracts. They are not allowed to refuse a contract offer by a senior member when presenting their labor at the Dome of Supernal Dealings—unless that member is facing a proscription from the Lodge Rada (governing council).

3. Guild members will be afforded a set “fair” price on equipment from Guild-approved vendors in the town market.

4. The Guild will provide training of 1 exp per 2 suns spent. Up to 100 suns per level can be spent this way in a weekly period.
Our beloved founder. 
Guild Ranks:
Apprentice: Non-combatant hireling (torchbearer, porter, bagman, etc). 20 suns/month contract

Jack: 0-level Man-at-Arms. 30 suns/month contract

Knave: Characters, levels 1-2. 50 suns/month contract and 1/3 share.

Master: Characters, levels 3 and over.

Grand Master: Political position reserved only for members of the lodge rada.

Monthly Dues Rates for the Marlinko and Ostrovo Lodges:
Apprentice 3 suns and a two-fer
Jack 5 suns, a two-fer, and 3 sags
Knave 10 suns
Master 20 suns
Grand Master none


  1. I like little bits of "business" like this. It really helps flesh out the world.

  2. Hmm. The guild looks like a pretty bad deal. Maybe once we start picking up hordes of hirelings.