Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-TSR Petal Throne Releasing Shortly

Big breaking news for Tekumel lovers: the eminent publication of the original Empire of the Petal Throne (the playtest version before the TSR-mandated publication changes) ain't just a sexy rumor. It's being released by the Tekumel Foundation in PDF on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG shortly.

According to Victor Raymond of the Foundation "there are some subtle and some not-so-subtle differences between it and the published version from TSR." The price is not yet set, but should be "under $20."

Above is "Mimeo EPT" pictured with one of M.A.R. Barker's original campaign maps. Click to enlarge and check out the Tsolyani map inscriptions. The Foundation is discussing how best to release the maps to the public.

Color me excited and expect more news shortly.


  1. Mine's already in sheet protectors. :)

    1. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have even been aware of its existence if it wasn't for you and Jeff. Glad to see it make it to the public sphere.

  2. I know he, and others, have been working on it for a while..

  3. It'll be nice that more folks will be able to game with that rules set, whether it is used for Tekumel or homebrew settings, etc. :D


  4. I cant wait to get my hands on this! Sweet.

  5. Yes, THANKS for this important bit of news!

  6. This is one of the most important events in RPG history, as far as I'm concerned.

  7. wow! Getting my (boxless) copy of the TSR release was really a transformative moment in my recent RPG life. I got a lot of inspiration from it. I still have not run a Tekumel campaign but I have sure thought about it!

    I am really excited about this.

  8. Awwwww yesssss I just started reading EPT finally...and this is some very interesting news.