Thursday, August 23, 2012

News of Kezmarok

Tomorrow I will be returning to more regular posting again by revving up a new series called "Deepening the D&D Sandbox" which will explore some ways I've been trying to supplement standard old school site-based exploration—without throwing out the non-linear baby.

Today as a lead-up (and catch up for out-of-the-loop players or voyeurs) to talking about the complicated urban adventure dance in the half-ruined southern metropolis of Kezmarok (current stomping grounds of the G+ crew in the Hill Cantons campaign world) I am presenting a number of color elements. (Trust me, the last section will be relevant in the series.)
Monarchist Mural on the Hall of the Restorationists

And now the news:
Tomorrow marks the Grand Petition, the annual, now-ritual presentation of an ever-growing list of particulars by the Turko-Fey to the governing council of the city, Kezmarok, so-long besieged by them. The list is headed by the demand of free access to the Rubicand Caverns of Oldest Lhoma and the Cerulean Vaults of To'yh said to exist in under the city. No Kezmaroki will speak to exactly why the access is denied, but the petition is expected to be met by the 504th annual veto by a sitting Decade-King.

Schmuul, a cloth trader and local lay-priest of the Silent God, is looking for help in divesting his townhouse of a “dibbuk” (an undead spirit). Compensation to be given on completion of the exorcism.

Meanwhile back in the Cantons, High Summer is being celebrated tonight on the shortest night of the year, Altnoc. Traditionally a turtle shell is placed inside a wagon wheel and rolled into an enormous bonfire while celebrants plait wreaths of nightshade and jump across the blazing logs in defiance of the demons who dwell Beyond the Veil. 
Siege Camps of the Turko-Fey

The Stiffbind Circus, a traveling troupe of mummers, nipple-pierced bears, and performing freaks, will be running shows this week in the Plaza of World-Weary Sighs. Given last year's impalement of circus members, mimery will not be featured.

Lord Timorsz, Lord-Warden of the Outer Isle of Mirr (one of the few existent possessions of Kezmarok Beyond-the-Rock), has declared a week of mourning for his lost daughter, Jitka. Famed for her fair-haired beauty throughout the isles, Jitka went missing on a holiday junket in Kezmarok. The bereaved father promises a hefty reward for news of his daughter—and the bringing to a presumably rough justice of the culprits.

The near west side of High Kezmarok is aflame again with squatters league turf wars. A full on battle royale erupted yesterday between the Wereshark Band and the Ebon-Jets (a reference to a popular fountain). The skirmish left 23 dead. 
Upper East Side

Denizens of mid-east High Kezmarok (few that they are these sad days) were shocked to discover yesterday morning to find that an enormous sinkhole had opened up at the end of the Scintillating Avenue of Strident Strumpetry. An entire city-block including the Malodorous Association of Reaving Boyars meeting-hall—much-beloved by architectural students of the VII Xenid era—now lies swallowed up in the 150-foot deep chasm. The remains of strange blueish stone structures can be glimpsed among the surface wreckage below.

A known Five-Banners leader, Jovo the Jocular, has been slain in a murder most foul.  A local cobbler, Sakho vin Sette, has been arrested and put to the question. Kezmaroki military officers are declaring this day, an official Day of Mourning and under an implied threat of arms are making mandatory the wearing of mauve (the city color of grief). It was reported yesterday that Sakho died in a futile “attempt to escape” from the dungeons under the Palace of Affairs Urban.


  1. Very cool. Kezmarok continues to be a very interesting place. And nice art choices, here. It really gives a distinct feel.

  2. A full on battle royale erupted yesterday between the Wereshark Band and the Ebon-Jets

    I see what you did there.

    1. Dun dun da, dun da. Play it cool, boy. Real cool.