Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lyonesse Maps

Hopping around the ether today I found some wonderful maps of Vance's Lyonesse on French fan sits. (Apparently like Jerry Lewis, that trilogy plays well in Francophone countries having produced the one and only rpg in the setting and several quality fan sites.)

This beauty of a South Ulfland map, naturally, had me a-twitter. Interestingly it places Fian Gosse (the barony I'm using for the Medieval Hack mini-campaign) almost exactly where I did working from the Lyonesse novel map. Scale fits too. 
Click to enlarge.

And here's North Ulfland ruled by the good King Gax (Gygax reference?)

Here's a nice one placing the Elder Isles in their European context.

Vance lovers be sure to check out the rest of the maps and the site in general. Google Translate actually does some semi-passable work with the translations.  


  1. Ho ! please no. Please leave french people alone with Jerry Lewis.

  2. Hello,
    I know this article is now 8 (!) years old, but it has put me on the track of the maps of Lyonesse.
    Unfortunately, the website you link to is no longer there.
    The maps do come from the RPG you mention in your article: "Lyonesse - aventures dans les isles anciennes" edited by a now defunct company strangely called "Men in Cheese"
    The RPG book is in French, but has a wealth of info about Lyonesse and the maps are more detailed than the ones of the more other Lyonesse RPG published recently.
    A French fan of the Lyonesse trilogy