Saturday, October 13, 2012

News of Ulfland

Campaign news for the Medieval Hack playtest.

Lord Bodwy's tragic woes continue, Sir Taran was foully murdered in an ambuscade on the new bridge fording Norde Creek. Some say that this is the work of brigands, cooler minds doubt that outlaws could work with such impunity in the middle of the day and on the old Roman road during fair time no less. Sir Gralon, his twin brother is offering a substantial bounty for the heads of the culprits and Taran's boon companions, Sir Menguy the Blueballed and Sir Jos the Fairbearded, are in a froth of wrath. Bodwy's banneret Kavan asserts that this is the work of Lord Govran and vows “war with mercy” on that foul baron.

The Hot Fair of Maure begins. The muddy streets of Maure are choked with fair goers from all over Ulfland and Lyonesse. The cloth-hall and pavilions are bustling with the shouts of the booth vendors.

A kaleidoscope of colors greet browsers of cloth bolts. Though mostly local wool dyed in rich vermillions, scarlets and greens, there are dye-stuffs and cotton from Flanders and silks from far Lucca. The rich smell of Cordovan leather mixes with the piney scent of resin. Locals oh and ah over the exotic goods, sugar from Syria and even rare spices like cinnamon (which is well known to come from the nesting material of a bird in dusty Arabia).

Two cowherds have gone missing from Lammon's Meadow. The pair, sons of prosperous villiens on the manor of *Sir Morvan*, were not known to be prone to flight and their fathers worry.  


  1. sorry for poorly focused thought but isn't this ulfland game just made for pendragon rpg?

    1. The campaign tone, alongside the game tone, is fairly different; darker, cross-class and less Arthurian. The first item is on account of the PCs for example who ambushed the heir after cold-bloodedly calculating that they should fall in with his brother (who was just lucky in arriving first to the barony). The party included a demon-summoning country warlock, a forester, a Basque semi-pagan man-at-arms, a flunked out student from the University of Paris and one knight. A very different mix.

    2. i like flunked out student! very warhammerish :D

  2. I am jonesin' to see some actual play rules. I've fleshed out a little shire on the welsh border (between historical Glouscester and Shrewsbury) to have some Anarchy fun in.