Friday, January 11, 2013

Visual Appendix N for the Chaos Monk

The eighties in this country seemed to be a decade hellbent on sudden, sharp, inexplicable bouts of faddish madness; our great game was sadly one of them, martial arts and all things ninja another.

Though I was allergic then (well as I am now) to strenuous activities that involve bowing to balding middle-aged, blustering authority figures, there was of course quite a bit of bleedover as the decade picked up between the two wish-fulfillment sub-cultures. Alongside the funny dice there were foam nun-chucks, there were throwing stars and ninja movies, lots of ninja movies.

For all the aspiring Michael Dudikoffs who played through dungeons and wilds in the San Fernando Valley Y Camp and behind the temporaries of Gunn Junior High, the Chaos Monk is for you.  


  1. No Cobra vs. Ninja? Literally the best film on the subject ever created.

    1. A serious oversight on my part. I mean this guy:

    2. There's also this:

  2. American Ninja! I remember laughing at that with my high school friends.