Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hydra's Wet Hot Summer

It's going to be a busy, busy summer for the Hydra Collective. Keeping to one of our core visions to serve as a quality publishing vehicle for DIY game designers, we are expanding way beyond the Slumbering Ursine Dunes crowdfunded line of adventures.

Just a few of the big-ticket items coming down the bend...
Trey Causey's Armchair Planet Merges with Hydra
Trey Causey, blogger and author of some of the best DIY gaming products around (Weird Adventures and Strange Stars), is bringing his publishing outfit, the Armchair Planet, into our worker-owned company. You can find his freebie supplement for WA, Strange Trails, at the Hydra storefront.

Trey has already been working with us on the Dunes as an editor and bringing his insights and experiences to the collective table as a publisher. We are, not surprisingly, excited to have him come aboard as a partner and co-owner.

But that's not all, this summer (date TBA) we will be publishing two new Strange Stars supplements that will translate the system-less setting book into two fully-gameable products: Strange Stars Fate (SF Fate author John Till's translation and adaptation to the FATE system) and Strange Stars OSR (an adaption of the setting to the popular, old school Stars Without Number rules).

Publishing Jason Sholtis's Operation Unfathomable
Our next big publishing push is expanding Operation Unfathomable. OU is a combination underworld, outdoor and dungeon romp by Dungeon Dozen author and prolific gaming illustrator Jason Sholtis that has been published in little, tantalizing bits here and there. 

This extended dance remix version will feature:
  • Twelve all new Underworld encounter areas including a complete Chaos temple and the cult of actively hostile weirdos it houses.
  • A small wilderness sandbox featuring five factions of sentient beings embroiled in mutual exploitation and (in some cases) ruthless destruction plus a variety of adventuring possibilities.
  • Scads of entirely new monsters, treasures, spells, and NPCs, all easily harvested for use outside this adventure.
  • Many new maps and illustrations (like these beauties below).

Anthony and the Full Monte
Hydra Collective co-founder and editor/author Anthony Picaro has been busy working on a big league project with Monte Cook Games. Needless to say we are all hella proud of his creative work getting larger exposure. We will be putting out some details and excerpts of his evocative and wry California Dunes adventure later this week. 

Charity for Nepal
The Hydra Collective is joining Inked Adventures, Kabuki Kaiser, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, New Big Dragon Games Unlimited and Sine Nomine Publishing in a charity bundle package of OSR Asian-themed product to support victims of the horrific recent earthquake in Nepal. Our contribution is a PDF copy of Mike Davison's Ruins & Ronin

For more info about these projects, Hydra in general or want to pitch an idea, drop us a line at at gmail dot com.

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