Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Domain Game is Dead, Long Live...

...Borderlands. That's our winner, folks. As is my fellow Texan, Patrick W, for the winning suggestion.

Subtitle is either The Domain Game, Game of Domains, or Porky's variation Hill Cantons: Borderlands. The full title will be settled before this evening (announced in comments on this post). Last minute lobbying, of course, will be entertained.

Yes, yes I know there's a first-person shooter game, a Runequest adventure pack, a non-fictional book on a ritual slaying of one of my UT classmates, and a certain isolated fortification on the edge of Chaos all bearing variations of that title. 

But I was swayed by the simple, evocative punch of the title, it hit some visceral level for me. It didn't hurt that the first two non-gaming people I called over to see the list immediately pointed at it.

For the record, I did in fact roll a d10 half-jokingly when I sat down to do my deliberations. Inexplicably and hilariously, it came up with a “1” for Barons & Bugbears on my first two rolls. So I am thwarting both the vox populi and the fates themselves with this choice. Sorry Wampus Jim.

By This Axe I Rule and Domains of Lordly Might were my closest other choices. I am highly inclined to use them as titles in supplementary materials, if their creators are amenable.

Later today I will be making an announcement about where the game is headed now that we have a title. Big things are in the works. 


  1. Porky's variation is the best so far, and would allow for your other supplements to part of the 'Hill Cantons' series.

  2. My greatest reservation is that the Hill Cantons is the region (albeit a borderlands one) where my tabletop campaign takes place. And the play there has decidedly not been domain-focused over the last two years.

    In fact, it's pretty straight sandbox D&D with rootless, money-grubbing vagabonds at the center of play. Still a campaign grows organically...

    Still I like the title as something to tie a series together.

    BTW if it is adopted BlUsKrEEm shares the kudos as a winner.

    July 21, 2011 10:40 AM

  3. Domains of Lordly Might is all yours! :)

  4. @James

    Same awards for you and Samwise if, or when, the other material goes into print: free copies, credit, and a heap of kudos.

  5. Hill Cantons: Borderlands would distinguish it from the old RQ supplement of the same name.

  6. The back channel is saying Hill Cantons: Borderlands too, so Hill Cantons: Borderlands it is.

  7. I likes Serfs and Turf. I think you have to incorporate it somehow, either in the first release, in a starter version for kids, or as an optional Tunnels and Trolls supplement.

  8. By This Axe I Rule is all yours bro, have fun with it. Borderlands has a nice feel to it.

  9. Well, that was a great way to start a Friday. Thanks and I'm glad you liked it! :)

  10. In fact, it's pretty straight sandbox D&D with rootless, money-grubbing vagabonds at the center of play.

    Who you calling rootless???

  11. True. You all do seem awfully fond of the Flaming Troll Inn. Correction: rooted , money-grubbing vagabonds.