Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Various and Sundry

Back to a semblance of normalcy here (or at least as much as I can muster most days). Instead of inflicting on you a slew of mini-posts I am consolidating them into one package.

Google Plus. Do any of you remember this old sketch by the iconoclastic stand-up comedian Bill Hicks about how watching COPS was like picking at a bad tooth? It hurts, but you just have to do it. I am the same way about social networking sites apparently.

I noticed on signing up on the much-hyped Google Plus that the company has been doing some thinking for me (I know creepy). It not only ported all my Blogger and Picasa images to my profile, but it seems to heavy favor me befriending old school gamers (well that and old bosses and older girlfriends).

I now understand why Scottsz mentioned yesterday in his comments that he thought that before a decade is out that this kind of technology will render the anonymous, faceless blog a thing of the past. With the hyper-transparent bundling of all this like Google is doing here it seems like a trend that will do that very thing. Not sure though if that's an entirely positive trend, but it is here nonetheless.

Interestingly, I have also already noticed that friends from said circles are already exploring using the bells and whistles to run rpg sessions. Another brave new world.

Holiday in the Sun. Thursday I am again throwing off the shackles of everyday life and hoofing it to a five-day cheap holiday in other people's misery. Blessedly this means that Internet access will be spotty at best—and posting here even spottier.

Dances with Dragons. In my entire span of life as a voracious reader I have never waited for the release of a book with much anticipation. My reading habits are typically way to divergent and based on my obsession of the day to fall into that game. 

But this one has been a long-awaited exception--and a general exception for my snobbishness about fantasy novels written after the mid-1970s. Extremely fortuitous that the release dovetails nicely with the above-mentioned break.

By the way, I read the first chapter this morning—and it starts with a delightfully creepy bang Beyond the Wall. Fits very nicely with the Chill Northern Wind setting Jack laid out in his Flavors of Fear booklet yesterday.

South Texas Mini-Con Update. We know have five fairly certain sessions lined up for the all-day event August 20th in New Braunfels. I am pleased that it looks like we will have a nice mix of rpg and mini action to entertain our guests. 

Read more about that here and here.  


  1. I'm just not ready for Google Plus. Not into Twitter or Facebook either. But a lot like them, so that's cool.

    Have a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to hearing about it.


  2. Yeah, I just logged onto Google+ for the first time this morning and it was very f*cking creepy how it knew the identity of so many gamers and acquaintances that I've interacted with - even some people without heavy internet presences or who take pains to be anonymous online.

    For some of them it just doesn't make sense that Google+ would know we ever communicated unless it was referencing the content of my gmail account. I don't like this. At all.

  3. @ Whisk
    I hear you. And thanks I will enjoy.

    It absolutely is based off of Gmail activity, a terrible witch of an old supervisor--who emailed endlessly through the day--was first on the list.

    Seems like a really bad choice given that their whole schtick is that with the new circles (which I do like as a concept) that you will be able to protect your privacy more than FB.

    Further while I've started to really dislike FB, and genuinely like some of the new bells and whistles on G+, it is a bit disturbing to think that virtually my entire online presence--email, blogging, pics,videos, and now social networking--would be mediated through one corporation.

  4. Still trying to be optimistic about the benefits outweighing the costs. I just can't click that 'OK' button on G+ just yet...

    Chris, have a good holiday!

  5. I'm waiting for my copy of ADwD (almost looks like AD&D when you spell it that way, eh?) to come in the mail via pre-order (got it pretty cheap that way). Went to the local B&N today and took a look at the massive tome. I have to admit that I'm a bit intimidated by having to read over 900 more pages of the Song of Ice and Fire. The release of these books has stretched over so many years that by the time a new one comes out, my life has changed so much and my reading time has shrunken proportionately! When the last book came out, I didn't have any kids. Now I have two! I really can't believe how long I've been reading this series. Just another aspect of my life that hits me with insane, mind warping time displacement. Ack.

  6. 100% chance I won't be using G+ because of the stuff you just mentioned and the fact I have zip interest in facebook. Thanks for the warn-off

    I am getting to the point now where I am going to drop G-Mail and PGP everything in my other E-Mail too. I have nothing to hide mind but why give that Leviathan Google an easy time of it.