Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hacking Warhammer Fantasy

“Welcome to a fantasy world where the men are Baldrick, the dwarves are punk, and the dogs are small but vicious. Welcome to a world of bawds, grave robbers, excisemen and witch-hunters; a place where 'Blather', 'Flee!' and 'Mime' are legitimate skill choices; and where all material on the insidious threat of Chaos is officially interchangeable between settings.”

So begins Small but Vicious Dog, a 36-page Classic D&D “hack” of everyone's favorite dark and grim game Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. (Hack being what the cool kids call mashing up one set of rules or setting assumptions with another rule framework).

Blogging fellow traveler Chris from Vault of Nagoh blog released the free-to-download hack yesterday. I am certainly not the first to report on this in our small little circle, but I am happy to tally it under the holiday freebie PSA category.

Having read most of it this morning, I have to give a hearty thumbs up—and at free what are you waiting for? To download it (and give some props to the man) click here.  

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